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Animal rights group urges the investigation of dog gang rape

  • An animal rights group strongly urged for the investigation of the group of men who allegedly gang raped a dog.
  • Netizens continued to tweet about the horrifying incident.

In a now deleted Facebook post, Strategic Power for Animal Respondents – Philippines (SPAR) urged the authorities of Puerto Prinsesa to investigate the alleged rape of a dog by a group of men in Barangay San Pedro.

They said that raping a dog is a form of animal abuse and must be stopped as the suspects can also be a threat to the community.

It is said that SPAR’s own investigation in the city soon by Norman Marquez, the para-legal support in Palawan.

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A few days ago, a netizen named Riesan Hermosa posted screenshots of two men talking in an app called Grindr. The first guy was urgent the other one to join in on performing sexual intercourse with the dog.

Netizens continue to express their disgust and cry for justice for the dog.

There has been no updates from SPAR as of writing.

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