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Ogie Diaz slams Roque and Panelo, “Anlakas maka-elementary ng pag-iisip nyo”

  • Ogie Diaz told Panelo and Roque that they think like elementary students.
  • He also said that he misses the “old” Harry Roque.

On September 27, President Rodrigo Duterte stated that his only sin is the decision to do the extrajudicial killings for his war against drugs campaign.

ogie diaz calls out duterte

“Ako, I will talk to a political exercise now. What are your sins? Ako? Sabi ko nga sa military, ano kasalanan ko? Nagnakaw ba ako dyan ni piso? Did I prosecute na pinakulong ko? Ang kasalanan ko lang, yung mga extra-judicial killings.”

After the President received criticisms regarding his statement, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo immediately came to his defense, saying that it was only a joke and a mistranslation, since Duterte is not a Manileño and not a Tagalog.

Comedian and TV Personality Ogie Diaz reacted to the statements, saying that their way of thinking was immature. He also suggested that they should talk to the President so that he won’t “misinterpret” what he will say next time as he did not look like he was kidding in his initial statement.

Dear Atty. Harry Roque and Sal Panelo,

Ba’t di po kayo mag-usap-usap ng Pangulo para di sya nami-misinterpret sa mga sinasabi nya?

Mukha namang hindi nagbibiro ang Pangulo sa sinabi nitong, “ang tangi nitong kasalanan ay extra-judicial killings,” pero kayo itong nagsasabi na di seryoso ang Pangulo.

Diaz also asked why they kept on making Duterte say things if they’re just going to correct it afterwards.

Eh ba’t hinahayaan nyo pang magsalita ang Pangulo kung ikokorek nyo din pala?

Mga abogado pa naman kayo tapos anlakas maka-elementary ng pag-iisip nyo.

He went on to say that he doesn’t think that Roque’s actions are helping him with his alleged Senatorial run next year.

Sir Harry Roque, tatakbo ka pa namang Senador. I don’t think nakakatulong sa inyo ang pagtatakip at pagsisinungaling para iboto kayo ng taumbayan.

Wa echos. Nami-miss ko yung dating ikaw, Sir Harry.

“Pabili” naman ng dating ikaw, o?

Written by Jacks

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