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14 Celebrities who are proud fraternity or sorority members

  • Stars who belong in a fraternity or sorority.
  • Some of these television personalities are sorority sisters or fraternity brothers.

For some Filipinos, fraternities and sororities mean something messy or aggressive, violent even.

There have been cases wherein the members of such groups cause trouble that ends up in the news. But being a part of the brotherhood/sisterhood doesn’t mean you’re a violent, cocky, aggressive person altogether. Not for some, atleast.

Here are some celebrities who are proud members of fraternities/sororities.

Baron Geisler

Baron is a member of the fraternity Alpha Kappa Rho.

Vhong Navarro

The ‘It’s Showtime’ host is a member of the fraternity Tau Gamma Phi.

Charee Pineda

Charee is a member of Tau Gamma Sigma.

JC Intal

Just like Vhong, JC is a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Luis Manzano

Luis is also a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Sam Milby

Sam is also a member Alpha Kappa Rho, just like Barron.

Oyo Boy Sotto

During his younger days, Oyo Boy became a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Angeline Quinto

Angeline is a member of Tau Gamma Sigma. Charee is her sorority sister.

Vandolph Quizon

Vandolph is a part of Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity or Tau Gamma Phi.

Diether Ocampo

The actor is a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Cesar Montano

Cesar is a member of skeptron, which is also a part of Alpha Kappa Rho.

JM De Guzman

Just like Vhong, JM is a part of Tau Gamma Phi.

Richard Gomez

The actor is  member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Arnel Pineda

Just like Cesar, Arniel is a member of the Alpha Kappa Rho.

Written by J M

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