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14 Celebrities who are proud fraternity or sorority members

14 Celebrities who are proud fraternity or sorority members

  • Stars who belong in a fraternity or sorority.
  • Some of these television personalities are sorority sisters or fraternity brothers.

For some Filipinos, fraternities and sororities mean something messy or aggressive, violent even.

There have been cases wherein the members of such groups cause trouble that ends up in the news. But being a part of the brotherhood/sisterhood doesn’t mean you’re a violent, cocky, aggressive person altogether. Not for some, atleast.

Here are some celebrities who are proud members of fraternities/sororities.

Baron Geisler

Baron is a member of the fraternity Alpha Kappa Rho.

Vhong Navarro

The ‘It’s Showtime’ host is a member of the fraternity Tau Gamma Phi.

Charee Pineda

Charee is a member of Tau Gamma Sigma.

JC Intal

Just like Vhong, JC is a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Luis Manzano

Luis is also a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Sam Milby

Sam is also a member Alpha Kappa Rho, just like Barron.

Oyo Boy Sotto

During his younger days, Oyo Boy became a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Angeline Quinto

Angeline is a member of Tau Gamma Sigma. Charee is her sorority sister.

Vandolph Quizon

Vandolph is a part of Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity or Tau Gamma Phi.

Diether Ocampo

The actor is a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Cesar Montano

Cesar is a member of skeptron, which is also a part of Alpha Kappa Rho.

JM De Guzman

Just like Vhong, JM is a part of Tau Gamma Phi.

Richard Gomez

The actor is  member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Arnel Pineda

Just like Cesar, Arniel is a member of the Alpha Kappa Rho.

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Fraternity in Oklahoma does “Dad Dance” for their awesome performance

Fraternity in Oklahoma does “Dad Dance” for their awesome performance

  • University of Central Oklahoma hosted homecoming weekend.
  • Sigma Tau Gamma performed “dad dance” in jorts and fanny packs.
  • Fraternity gave money to their national philanthropy, the Special Olympics.

Fraternities in the Greek system are always perceived to party every night. They are typically seen taking intramural sports way too seriously, getting a lot of girls, crazy ways of spending spring break. But we never usually see this type of brotherhood that dances for a good cause.

The University of Central Oklahoma celebrated homecoming weekend. A performance during this occasion was highly praised and even went viral. The university’s chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma performed clad in jean shorts or jorts and fanny packs tightly clipped around their waists.

Cheer and Dance 2017 back-to-back champions! #UCOHomecomingAlso, we have a gofundme to raise support for our philanthropy, Special Olympics! Any donation is greatly appreciated and will go towards helping out Special Olympics!

Posted by UCO Sigma Tau Gamma on Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cheer and Dance 2017 back-to-back champions! #UCOHomecoming

Also, we have a gofundme to raise support for our philanthropy, Special Olympics! Any donation is greatly appreciated and will go towards helping out Special Olympics!

The almost four-minute performance was full of lifts, stunts and viral dance moves. The video posted on their official Facebook page now has 6.3 million views, 63k shares, 42k reactions and 11k comments. Because of the exposure they received, they decided to set up their own GoFundMe page to bring attention to their national philanthropy, the Special Olympics.

Thank you so much to everyone for the outpour of love over our Homecoming Cheer & Dance routine. We're glad that all of…

Posted by UCO Sigma Tau Gamma on Sunday, October 15, 2017

On October 16, they posted their gratitude to the support they have received with a Facebook post, “Thank you so much to everyone for the outpour of love over our Homecoming Cheer & Dance routine. We’re glad that all of you enjoyed the video as much as we enjoyed performing it. Though we are thrilled that our video has reached such heights, we also understand that we have a greater responsibility to affect positive social change. As such, please consider making a donation to Special Olympics, our national philanthropy. Click on the link provided to lend your support: #BZSigTau

The GoFundMe page that was set up by the STG members are still up and less than a thousand dollars away from their goal. A lot of comments on their Facebook video includes  being a good example to expect from the Greek system. The appreciation of the public makes them work more for their national philanthropy, the friendships they create and their school spirit.

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Why Fraternity? 5 Parental Advice I received from my old folks.

Why Fraternity? 5 Parental Advice I received from my old folks.

  • 5 Parental advice I received from my old folks.
  • Hurting and Killing someone is next to Satanism.

College is life and full of memories. Amidst the deadlines and terror professors, one must admit that college made us responsible for the greater things that’s happening in our lives now. It has paved the way for us to see the importance of responsibility, dedication and the adamant character to learn and improve for the better future of our family and the future you- of course.

From Goat movie (Paramount Pictures)

Yet along the way, there were things “being young and naive” that we used to be when we’re kids, we succumb to pressures and bad influencers that either have caused you to fail your grades or helped you bummed out and instead spent your way and hours on “Inuman sa tabi-tabi” as if it would make you cooler than what you thought it was.

With the recent news that’s spreading like wildfire in social media and TV, the death of an innocent law student who fell victim on the hands of inhumane, grotesque and “un-Godly” like behaviors of perpetrators who let this kid die because of their “initiation rites” rituals. I couldn’t fathom how on earth why would these people “feeling like beating someone is the key to brotherhood” is better than hugs or inspirational talks about life and achievements in general?

From Goat movie (Paramount Pictures)

The mere fact, that even a pinch from your mom’s “ko-ko” would scare the heck out of you, how much more is that of paddles from people who have NO right to hurt or kill you?

I am not against Fraternity, however I not pro either. We’ve lost so many innocent lives and dreamers because of these grotesque initiation rites.

From Goat movie (Paramount Pictures)

My question is: Why do you have the heart to beat someone to death? Can’t we all just take a slow walk and appreciate each other’s existence?

Brotherhood is never bad, but initiation rites with brutality is next to Satanism. Period.

So here are the top 5 old advice that my folks told me when I was 16 years old and entering a college life.

  1. Do not enter any Fraternity or so-called non-biblical brotherhood.
  2. Never associate yourself with people who would doomed you to vices and would led you to catastrophic life afterwards.
  3. Share the love but never your life to people who are desperate to hurt and make this world “The worst place to live in”
  4. Focus yourself in studying and set your goals on greater things in life rather than spending time in brotherhood that would led you to criminality.
  5. Choose what organizations and brotherhood you would like to associate yourself into. (Food trips brotherhoods, Study-brotherhoods and just appreciating the college life brotherhood-never the Fraternity and killings.)

A parental advice that never came easy to me. I have had offers and lingering talks to join this and that, this however, I have turned down because I don’t want to leave my folks behind if these initiation rites would gone wrong.

There are selfish, brutal, broken and criminal- like -minded individuals who may kill and end your dreams  and put your life in danger or worst, death if you agree and follow what they believe in, just like those who die because of the aforementioned.

From Goat movie (Paramount Pictures)

Again, Brotherhood is not bad, but to kill and to destroy someone’s dreams and break someone’s heart because of your delusional rites is next to Satanism. Imagine the pain that the parents may feel, especially the mothers who have lost their kids to these kind of “Inhumane-Brotherhoods” that unknowingly, those who beat you just want to impress their leaders because they’ve done this and that.

Beating and Killing someone for some so-called brotherhood is never good at all. It is time that our government must do something about this, life is precious just like the tears of those parents mourning for the losses that even to this day, is hauntingly painful.

From Goat movie (Paramount Pictures)

Instead surround yourself with people who will help you in achieving your dreams. That’s all.

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Hazing Victim’s Dog Mourns Over Her Owner’s Casket

Hazing Victim’s Dog Mourns Over Her Owner’s Casket

  • UST Frat death victim’s dog mourns over owner’s coffin
  • Horacio Castillo III’s dog mourns over his wake

Fraternity death victims have been silenced until the University of Sto. Thomas Law student Horacio ‘Atio’ Castillo III‘s case made the headlines.

Heartbreaking dog-owner moment

We have seen it in the movies, but it’s way different in real life. A tear-jerking Facebook post has melted the hearts of many as Atio’s uncle Gerardo Castillo said the Law freshman’s dog Lega came to visit her owner’s bedroom.

Confused as to why Atio has not come home yet, Lega begs for answers.

In Gerardo’s caption, he said, “My dearest Atio, Lega misses you so bad that she wants to kiss you but she cannot comprehend why you are no longer with her.”

“Do you know Atio she goes to your room and wonder why you have not come home yet but I know she knows something must have gone wrong,” he added.

Gerardo also shared that Lega seemed to see her owner still, and really cries at night. In the picture attached in his post, Lega was seen mourning over Atio’s lifeless body.

May justice be served

Atio, 22, died due to massive injuries according to an autopsy report. His lifeless body was allegedly found dumped in a street of  Balut, Tondo. The UST student was then brought to the Chinese General Hospital by a certain John Paul Solano.

His uncle, Gerardo, on the other hand, vows to seek justice for his nephew. The Castillo family will not stop until justice has been served.

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