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New Study Claims that No One is Absolutely Straight

  • You may be a bit curved and not know it: New study claims that no one is absolutely straight
  • Study says sexuality is a ‘spectrum’ and all of us get aroused by men and women
  • No one is 100% straight

Attraction to same sex is really a complex phenomenon. We’ve spent hundreds of years trying to understand how it really works, where it came from, or simply how we would name or identify these feelings (as there are variants of same sex attractions).

Science spent too much efforts and money to dig deep into the sexualities of mankind – and there is still no absolute answer.

And maybe some people hated it – the efforts, the money spent. Maybe some people hated the fact that it is being “normalized” by the society, even coining varying, special terms to address these sexual preferences or orientations.

A recent study made by Cornell researcher Ritch Savin-Williams claims that NO ONE IS ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT. Yes.

His theory reposes on his study showing men and women get sexually aroused by both sexes, finding that, when he observed both groups, their eyes dilated (an indicator of sexual arousal) watching porn that involved men having sex with men, and women having sex with women.

As specifically noted, women’s eyes dilated watching men with women, and watching women with women.

On the other hand, specifically, men’s eyes dilated watching women masturbate, and watching men masturbate, disregarding their stated sexual preference. Savin-Williams also stressed that younger generations of men are increasingly open to ‘looser boundaries’ – meaning, they are more open to doing same sex acts.

His paper poses that we should see sexuality as a spectrum, instead of categories – as it is broader than one thinks, more complex than one thinks.

Maybe some people hated seeing two girls kissing or two guys holding hands at the park. But seeing through that hate – that massive disgust – have these people actually looked inside themselves and wondered: Have I ever been attracted to the same sex? Maybe I have been.

Written by Journey Gesta

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