Enterprising and excitement meet at The New Centris

  • Enterprising and excitement meet at The New Centris
  • The new Centris promises to be an inspiring intersection where business, pleasure, and life’s best moments meet

There is a new movement growing in many major cities today. More and more people are redefining successful, meaningful lives beyond material wealth, big titles, and other traditional social dictates. Across different demographics, people are becoming more innovative, open, and purposeful in the way they live, work, and play. They are starting unique businesses, consuming consciously and mindfully, and finding ways to lead positive changes in their respective communities. They are showing that so much more can be accomplished and enjoyed when the right collective of people merge enterprise with a sense of personal mission, when there are opportunities for passion and purpose to co-exist, when merging personal ambitions and joys is possible. The old chase for work-life balance has given way to the practice of work-life integration, and it has given us a new lens through which we can appreciate, curate, and enrich our lives.

In the center of Manila, this same point of view thrives. Flowing through a master-planned commercial and corporate development, today’s spirit of enterprise guides Eton Properties’ new Centris in Quezon City.  The mixed-use mega-complex takes a cue from the times, reinventing itself as the convergence point of commerce and dynamic communities. Its new logo stands, expressing renewed dynamism and vibrancy. With this reinvigorated branding, the new Centris promises to be an inspiring intersection where business, pleasure, and life’s best moments meet.


A beacon in the north

Situated at the corners of major thoroughfares EDSA and Quezon Avenue, the new Centris empowers denizens to maximize work-life integration. It has 12 hectares dedicated to retail stores, restaurants, offices, and open spaces for entertainment and other fun activities – all easily accessible via a direct MRT connection. By cultivating a lively, vibrant community anchored in fulfillment, leisure, and enjoyment, the new Centris is a profitable location enabling businesses to find possibilities that help them thrive and succeed.

Centris Cyberpod is an infusion of progressive thinking, passion, drive, and determination. With five fully-outfitted buildings housing BPO companies that serve some of the world’s biggest brands, it offers the local workforce amazing opportunities to utilize their talents and develop their full potential.  

Centris Walk intensifies the fun and creativity factor with a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. A new cluster is currently being developed, making even more unique and delicious experiences within easy reach of those who work within the complex or come to relax and bond with loved ones. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Assi Fresh Plaza, and Ramen Kuroda will add even more irresistible dining options to the mix; while the much anticipated first Zubuchon branch in Quezon City will bring in excitement to Quezon City residents.

Keeping the new Centris connected to the ins and outs of Manila is Centris Station, the commercial center that serves as the welcoming face of the complex. A wide mix of establishments can be found here, as well as various services for denizens’ convenience and enhanced productivity.

And for big life and career events, Centris Elements is the brand to celebrate with, providing professional venues and events services that allow for bursts of creativity and fun. From sales rallies, fairs, to wedding receptions and grand reunions, there’s a good choice to be found with Centris Elements.

A revitalized brand now with even more options, the new Centris will continue to grow as a community that opens doors to connections, possibilities, progress, and diverse experiences. Amidst the faster pace of today, it will stay devoted to finding ways to help empower different dreams for different people.

A lot of positive changes are happening in the way we live, work, and play today. You can feel it in the air. You can feel it in Eton Properties’ the new Centris.

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