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Instagram couple exposes before-and-after, edited and unedited travel photos

  • Instagram couple revealed presets they used on “perfect” travel photos.
  • Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris made another Instagram account to reveal before and after travel photos.
  • Jack Morris also released a YouTube video on how they edit their photos.

Instagram couple, Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust) and Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) exposed themselves on another account, @doyoutravelpresets. They revealed the reality behind their picture perfect travel photos that take a time-consuming photo editing process. They tweak the colors, highlights, shadows and lighting for each individual photo.



Jack has his own 2.7 million followers on Instagram and Lauren has 1.9 million. Their new account that reveals the presets of their edited photos has almost 24, 000 followers.

When swiped to the right, the original and unedited photo is shown which has drastic change to the ones they post on Instagram. Although it pays a lot, they revealed that a simple photo takes too much time and effort. The photo editing process starts with their own presets on Adobe Lightroom. They don’t use any other mobile applications and/or filters.


According to Morris, “”If a photo looks a little dark… I sometimes tweak the edit just on the pre-post Instagram editor.”

To brighten up the photos, Bullen and Morris tweak the color to make sure it pops. Bullen tends to increase the warm value of her photo, “I like the yellows to be popped out a bit because it helps with the sand, my hair, and the yellow of the palms.”

Morris, however, tends to put green and orange tint on his shadows to look like it has a vintage effect. Editing a photo changes the mood of the photo: from dull to dazzling and from gloomy to bright. Editing a photo can also make a place look inviting and blissful.

A lot of people already asked how they edit their pictures. So Morris decided to share their process on YouTube.

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