WATCH: Customer posts video of a rude street kid at a fast food chain

Filipinos are naturally compassionate and are quick to give alms to most beggars. But what if the one asking for a handout acts rudely and makes you rethink if they are worth your sympathy?

Netizen Twin Adjani Vine shared in a Facebook post a video of an annoying street kid they chanced upon while eating at Jollibee on June 29. In a short status post and a video she uploaded on the social media page, she left a question for netizens: Would you still give something to this kid who was so impertinent and showed no respect to people?

Screengrab from FB / Twin Adjani Vine
Screengrab from FB / Twin Adjani Vine


(If you were in the situation would you still give him food? Oftentimes, some beggars can be so rude.  WOULD YOU STILL HAVE  AN APPETITE ? Sorry, don’t blame us if we didn’t feed the kid, he’s so impolite.)

The post became viral with more than 71,300 views and comments reaching 843 as of this writing. Some netizens said they won’t feel any empathy with the kind of attitude the kid showed. Other street kids, they said, have enough manners to act decently even if they are beggars.  While others agreed with the post, some said it wasn’t right to record the incident.  Other netizens symphatized with the kid, and bashed the uploader of the video.

L. De Aisen:Naalala ko yang batang yan yan ung binigyan ko ng b1 . Kaso nung nlaman ko solventista pala.  kya ngaun di ko na pinapansin mga gnyan naawa lng ako dati. (I remember I gave that kid some food before, but I discovered he’s a rugby boy. I don’t help him now.)”.

K. Carida:Sa totoo lang nakakapikun yung ganyang event lalo na kumakain ka. pero sana hindi nlng vinideohan kasi maraming taong maawain kuno yung mag babash sayo (Honestly, I would also get mad, especially if I’m eating. But you shouldn’t have recorded it. I’m sure you’ll get bashed by the ‘compassionate’ ones).”

J. Bernabe:Intindihin nlang ntin kase kulang sila sa edukasyon at pangangaral. kaya sila naging masama or bastos dahil sa kahirapan or kpabayaan ng knilang mga magulang (Let’s just understand them, they’re not educated. They became like that because of poverty and negligence).”

Watch the video below:

If you were in the same situation, what do you think would you do? Type your comment below.

Video Credit: Facebook / T.A. Vine | Featured Photo: YouTube  / T.A. Vine

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