Harsh Tweets from Angel Locsin, Liza Soberano and Raymond Guttierez Sparked Outrage

ABS-CBN actress Liza Soberano, her fellow Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin and GMA7 TV host Raymond Guttierez were condemned for their offensive behavior as they tweeted some harsh and insulting comments on Manny Pacquiao’s opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr.. These so-called sexist and racist tweets drew anger from many netizens.

Angel Locsin jokingly tweeted that the fight wasn’t fair because we didn’t now whether Mayweather already sustained a black eye. Others believe that the actress was poking fun at the boxer’s skin color which they consider as a mild case of “racism”.

TV host Raymond Guttierez expressed his revulsion towards the fight by tweeting some lines which others think are too obscene.

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At the same time, Forevermore actress Liza Soberano vented out her displeasure by tweeting another tactless comments. Annoyed by Mayweather’s hugging-while-fighting tactic, she then ended up mocking the American boxer.

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The two showbiz personalities then deleted their tweets a few moments after they learned that it angered a number of netizens. Liza also issued an apology in relation with the said incident.

On the other hand, Angel continued to defend herself by responding to those who consider her “racist”.


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  1. There is nothing wrong about their comments. Filipino are so sensitive!! I called gayweather no big deal! Gay is not only for gay people. It just a figure of speech! Just sayin! But i agree that angel’s message was a little harsh.

  2. Yes, it’s still racist and there’s an underlying problem with that an-an tweet. It implies that she thinks white is better that’s why she made that analogy and couldn’t see that it’s still racist. She’s still making fun of skin color. What’s even more annoying is that she apologized and then came back with another racist tweet.

  3. you know what? their comment was not a big deal for me. may iba pa nga na nagcocomment ng mas harsh pero hinahayaan lng right?? sa tingin ko ang nagpapalaki lang ng issue ay dahil artista sila. the disadvantage of being known.. pra bang wala na silang karapatan na magpahayag ng saloobin nila..

  4. Aber angel sige nga sabihin mo kung ano ang basehan at sinabi mong hindi makita ang black eye… hindi ba nga dahil sa black skin nia… that’s plain and simple racist. And yes… public figure ka kaya you should know better to think twice before making comments. sad but true.

  5. Hay naks..move on na nga.Tao lang din.Kung ayaw ninyo ang comments di wag nyo basahin.Simple as that★★★★



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