Customer Almost Scammed by Gasoline Boy at Petron

Trina Marquez warned netizens against scammers, particularly about those planning to victimise unsuspecting customers at gasoline stations.

In a Facebook post she made on May 1, Marquez said her car was refuelled worth P500 even though she paid P1,000.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Trina Marquez
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Trina Marquez

According to Marquez, she had her car refuelled with P1,000 worth of gas at a Petron Gas station. After refuelling, Marquez checked her car’s gas gauge. The customer was surprised to  see that her gas gauge was only 1/2 full even though it’s expected to be 3/4 full. This prompted her to question the gasoline boy to whom she gave her money.

Kuya sigurado ka bang worth 1K yung gas ko kasi kulang pa? Dapat almost 3/4 full na yun,” Marquez asked.

(Are you sure my gas is worth 1K because it seems less? It’s supposed to be 3/4 full.)

To which the gasoline boy replied: “Ma’am, 1,000 blaze po yun 25 Liters!”

Sensing something was wrong, Marquez didn’t buy the gasoline boy’s answer and asked for an official receipt. Moments later, the gasoline boy returned and told Marquez that the receipt had already been thrown away.

She told the gasoline boy: “Bakit hindi na makita?may nangolekta na ng basura nyo @ 7pm? Hindi ba computerized yan resibo nyo? Penge ako ng copy ko paki reprint yung resibo ko.”

(Why can’t you find it? Did they collect your trash at 7 pm? Aren’t your receipts computerized? Give me a copy and reprint my receipt.)

The Truth Comes Out

Marquez then approached the gasoline station’s cashier to trace her transaction amounting to P1,000. After thirty minutes, the cashier was unable to trace the transaction.

Unable to solve the problem, Marquez then talked to the gas station’s supervisor. The gasoline boy then admitted that he was actually the one who dumped the receipt in the trash can. The supervisor then advised Marquez to return the next day since she will inform her manager about the incident.

The next day, Marquez received a text message from the supervisor confirming that the gasoline boy confessed that he indeed attempted to scam her.

Gasoline Boy To Be Fired

Through a comment on her post, Marquez also revealed that the management of the gasoline station plans to fire the gasoline boy since he is aware of the company policies. Despite the ordeal, Marquez opted not to report the incident to the police and give the gasoline boy another chance.

“Sabi sakin ng manager, tatanggalin ng management ng Petron si gas boy sa trabaho. Ganon talaga daw kasi alam naman nya yung company policies,” Marquez said in a comment.

(The manager told me that the management of Petron will fire the gas boy. That’s the way it is because he knows the company policies. )

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  1. Yan ang hirap sa pinas. May ebedensya na ngat lahat di pa ipakulong ng sariling management. Wala na rin kayong pinagkaiba sa nakawan sa MIAA .. This supervisor is inutil.

  2. may metro naman na makikita mo kung magkano ang nailagay sa tanke mo pati ilang liters, kaya pano ka na scam.?. di ko ma gets to, parang gawa gawa lang ..



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