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How Celebrities Observe Lenten Season?

Lenten or Holy Week is always part of summer. So while a large group of people trying to go and book to beaches and have their vacations, others enjoy staying home and meditating God’s sacrifices on Holy Week.

Lenten traditions handed down through generations, including the “panata,” where one commits himself to a certain activity including but not limited to visiting churches, abstaining from eating meat or drinking alcohol, organizing a pabasa, self -flagellation, even self-crucifixion. Most Filipinos are now ready to do their Lenten commitment every year.

Celebrities are also doing their shares in remembering the Holy Week. While some of them shares different religion but to some not just about religion but has something to do with relationship with God.

Let’s take a look on how celebrities celebrates Holy Week.

1. Robi Domingo-He is a VJ, actor, dancer, and host. He first gained fame as a reality show contestant by joining and ending up as the first runner up of the hit television show Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus in 2008. He spends his Lenten with family going to provinces and observe festivals and do visit churches.

Robert Marion “Robi” Eusebio Domingo, is a VJ, actor, dancer, and host.

Ang panata ng family ko tuwing Holy Week pumunta sa Bulacan, sa Pulilan, and we’ll just look and observe the fiestas there. ‘Yung may mga lumuluhod na kalabaw or ‘yung pinapalo sa likod, pinapako sa krus. Also, we don’t eat meat, lahat seafood lang for that specific week and we pray and go around Churches to do the Visita Iglesia and station of the cross.

2. Angel Locsin-is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer. She prefers to spend quality time with her family for them to be able to reflect more on the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice and death on the cross.

Angelica Colmenares aka Angel Locsin a television and film actress, commercial model

Holy Week is the perfect time to worship the Lord and spend time with my family. Reading my Bible and time to really meditate and reflect the death of Jesus on the cross.

3. John Lapus/Sweet-He is a Filipino actor, host and comedian. He prefers to stay home with family and friends.

Jonathan Anthony Solis Lapus or simply John Lapus, comedian actor, host

Ay ako mas gusto ko magspent ng Holy Week sa family sa house lang.

4. Kris Aquino-She is an actress, host, endorser, prefers to travel with her sons and do church visits while on vacation.

Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino or known as Kris Aquino, an actress, TV host and endorser

I’ve been busy planning our Holy Week vacation. Checking what places we can visit and those churches to hear masses and reflect on the Lenten season.

5. Ryza Cenon-A Kapuso actress who prefers not to do any plans during Holy Week. She wants to stay home with family.

Rhiza Ann Cenon Simbulan or Ryza Cenon on screen, an actress

Ang panata ko every Holy Week ay hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay or gumagawa ng lakad. Ang tanging labas ko lang, ay ‘yung pagbi-Visita Iglesia.

6. Althea Vega-An actress who prefers seeing the season as a chance to reflect on one’s faith, the Born Again Christian and indie actress will spend most of her time at church with her siblings.

Althea Vega, an actress known for her Indie movies

During Lenten season, I abstain from such activities as having fun with friends, eating favorite foods or doing hobbies. I find peace at home and in church to appreciate God’s forgiving love, and to reflect on the need for healing in both my personal and public life.

7. Solenn Heussaff-She is a Filipina VJ, actress, TV host, model, singer, fashion designer, painter, and professional make-up artist, prefers to travel on Holy Week.

Solenn Heussaff an actress, model, host and singer

Traveling every Holy Week is I consider as my vacation, it is my time to enjoy and relax while not at work.

8. Anne Curtis-She is an actress, model, host and singer who prefers to travel with her boyfriend.

Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith or known as Anne Curtis, an actress, model, host and singer

Every Holy week is always a fun-filled for me, I love going to places and enjoy my time with friends and boyfriend because that’s the only time I have since I am so busy.

9. Kevin Santos-He  Filipino actor and was discovered in the Philippine over-all talent competition, StarStruck.

Kevin Santos, an actor from Kapuso network

Meron po akong panata. Ever since I was kid, we go to this Church in San Pedro, Laguna. Sa Landayan Church kung saan ang tawag nila kay Papa Jesus ay Lolo Uweng. Marami nang blessings na binigay sa akin at sa family ko si Lolo Uweng, kaya kada Holy Week, I go there to hear mass. After namin magsimba sa Landayan, nagpapakain kami ng family ko sa lugar namin sa chapel sa San Vicente (San Pedro, Laguna) kung saan po ako lumaki. ‘Yun na po ang nakagawian namin, simula noon, hanggang ngayon.

10. Paulo Avelino-He is a Filipino television and film actor, model and singer. He began his showbiz career through the reality talent show StarStruck on GMA Network and now starred in Bridges of Love. Since his family is from Baguio, so he maybe goes to Baguio for Lenten.

Michael “Paulo” Lingbanan Avelino or Paulo Avelino, an actor and model and a singer

Ako, I spend time with my family in Baguio, but sometimes with friends.

11. KZ Tandingan-She is a Filipino singer who rose to fame after winning the first season of The X Factor Philippines in 2012. She goes home and prefers to stay in camp in their church.

Kristine Zhenie Lobrigas Tandingan or KZ Tandingan, a singer

Every Holy Week kasi umuuwi ako sa amin, then go to church kasi may camp kami so minsan I speak on camp, kaya pag Holy Week talaga, I go home to visit the church and teach the youth about God and help them learn about God’s love and sacrifices for us.

12. Jadine Tandem-James Reid and Nadine Lustre-They are one of the famous love team, they ae singers, artists and models who prefer to enjoy time with family and go beaches.

Robert James Reid aka James Reid and Nadine Alexis Paguia Lustre known as Nadine Lustre, singers, artists, models

We spend Holy Week in different places with our family but mostly we spend in beaches, kahit saang beach pa yan para mag enjoy lang.

13. KathNiel Tandem-They are Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, singers, artists, models who spend Holy Week in different way. Daniel Padilla spends time with family and do some visit in churches while Kathryn Bernardo is an Iglesia Ni Cristo so she doesn’t have any traditions to do, so just enjoy with family and sometimes go on vacation or stay home.

Daniel John Ford Padilla and Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo better known as Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, singers, artists and endorsers

Ako kasi I spend my Holy Week sa family lang or vacation, ganun din si Dj, said Kathryn, Ako usuually enjoying time with family o kaya bakasyon din, Daniel said.

14. Enrique Gil-He is an actor and model and dancer of mixed Filipino (Visayan), Spanish and German heritage. He prefers going on vacation like going to beaches and do island hopping.

Enrique Mari Bacay Gil V known as Enrique Gil, a model, actor and singer-dancer

Every Holy Week, I spend time enjoying my vacation and do island hopping. Or spend time with family or friends and just relax.

15.  Liza Soberano-She is a Filipino-American actress and model. She is a member ofABS-CBN’s Star Magic Circle 2013. She is best known for her role as Maria Agnes Calay in the current hit TV series, Forevermore, who prefers stay home with family or in church during Holy Week.

Hope Elizabeth Hanley Soberano known as Liza Soberano, a model-actress

I’ll probably just go to church with my family, after that takeout. Pero parang gusto din namin umuwi sa province kasi to spend time with relatives sa Asingan, Pangasinan.

With their hectic work schedule, many celebrities certainly take advantage of the respite Holy Week brings. That’s the only time they can spend for families, friends and for themselves.

Whatever we do, what matters most is the real reason of celebrating Holy Week or Lenten season. It’s a time got reflection on God’s unconditional love for everyone.

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