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Top 10 Most Entertaining Filipino Mash-Ups Ever (Watch Videos Here)

Mash-up is defined as the act or process of combining and orchestrating instrumental and vocal tracks from two or more songs.

Mash-ups are often associated with comical acts performed by stand-up comedians, entertainers, singers, etc. Delivering an amusing mash-up definitely brings laughter and quality entertainment to its listeners or viewers.

It is one better way of making people laugh without being quite offensive or without unconsciously taunting other people.

Mash up kings

However, I am still uncertain about its legality or if the recording companies as well as the songs’ composers are in favor of having their songs be mixed with others. Nonetheless, mash-ups are really pleasurable to watch and will show you how talented and at the same time, humorous and creative a person is.

Here I have collected 10 of the funniest and most amazing Pinoy mash-ups that I have seen so far. I have included mash-ups from non-celebrity personalities because there are a lot of talented non-showbiz singers out there who can deliberately produce a funny or extraordinarily amazing mash-up. Feel free to suggest other mash-up videos or song numbers that you think deserve to be in this list.

Note: Expect to see more than one Ate Gay mash-ups in this list. I ain’t a big fan of his but his mash-ups are really astonishing. He’s so good at it that I even wanted to call her as the King or should I say “Queen of Pinoy Mash-ups”.

1. Vice Ganda’s Acoustic Mash-up

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