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World’s Amazingly Extraordinary Buildings. Would You Like To Spend A Day Inside These Structures?

Are you getting bored of living inside your conventional tw0-storey or bungalow type houses? Would you like to spend a day or night inside these buildings? Take a look at this list and appreciate the wonders of architectural advancements and the humanity’s border less creativity.

1. The “Piano House” in Anhui, China

I bet this house was design by a music lover architect. The building’s name speaks for itself. It is literally a house which looks like a giant piano with a grand glass violin as its entrance.


2. The “Wonderworks” in Tennessee, USA

WonderWorks is a museum or entertainment center which aims to display science exhibits. The company’s catchphrase is “Let Your Imagination Run Wild”, no wonder why this building was constructed to appear like this.


3. “La Pedrera”/ “Casa Mila” in Barcelona, Spain

Located in Barcelona, Spain, La Pedrera which is also known as Casa Mila has a very colorful history. It was designed by Antoni Gaudí which was especially made for wedded couple. A very stylish and seemingly extraordinary building but with a tremendously eccentric design. No matter how hard you try, you can never find even a single straight line in Casa Mila! Yeah, that’s how uniquely made it really was.



4. The “Crooked House” in Sopot, Poland

The “Crooked House” is in fact, a well-known shopping center located in downtown Sopot, Poland. It is truly a remarkable architectural design. The “Crooked House” is more known as “Krzywy Domek” by its natives. This irregularly shaped building is approximately 4,000 square meters. It was designed by Szotyńscy & Zaleski who were inspired by the fairytale images and designs of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. It was essentially built to be part of the Rezydent shopping center. The building appears to be molten and crooked. It is also one of the most popular tourist destination in Poland as well as the most photographed one.

Krzywy Domek Poland

5. The “Ideal Palace” in Hauterives, France

Would you believe me if I tell you that a town’s postman indeed designed this artistic building? I am not even trying to make you laugh. The “Ideal Palace” can be found in southeastern France. It was created by Ferdinand Cheval. He is a poor postman but his works are very influential and were even recognized by no other than the great Pablo Picasso.


6. The “House Attack” in Vienna, Austria

The “House Attack” in Vienna, Austria was made by Artist Erwin Wurm and is well known for its unusual, comical, and baffling design. Going inside the building will make you intrigued and thrilled knowing that you are actually walking underneath a house that is rested in such a hazardous position.

house attack

7. The “Habitat 67” in Motreal, Canada

An Israeli-Canadian Architect named Moshe Safdie designed “Habitat 67”. It is basically a model community and housing complex situated in Montreal, Canada. Habitat 67 is considered as an architectural landmark in both Montreal and Canada. Its resemblance with toy cubes can easily be distinguished. It’s crazy how these houses managed to be built with a very unique design and yet it is sturdily stable.



8. The “Crazy House” in Dalat, Vietnam

If you have already seen some artworks made by Dalí and Gaudí, you will notice that the “Crazy House” in Dalat, Vietnam patterned its design from their masterpieces. The main building gives you the idea that its design is meant to show everyone a touch of natural structures and the surrounding e environment within the area.



9. The “Dancing Building” in Czech Republic

Also known as “Fred and Ginger”, the Dancing House is located in Prague, Czech Republic. It is one of the architectural breakthrough of the modern world as boasts a sense of romantic charm with its hip appearance. The buildings appear to be hugging each other for a dance which were designed by Vlado Milunic in cooperation with Frank Gehry. The Dancing Building then became the symbol of the city aside from it serving as an emblem of sweet romance.


10. The “Cubic Houses” in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The “Cubic Houses” are houses which can be found in Helmond and Rotterdam, Netherlands. They are a bunch of state-of-the-art houses designed by Architect Piet Blom with the concept of “living as an urban roof” in his mind. These houses are cubes, built in different angels over hexagon formed plyons resembling trees which if seen as a group, will appear to be a forest. There are exactly 38 small cubes which were ascribed to one another.



11. The Kansas City Library in Missouri, USA

A very unique “Community Bookshelf” wall showcasing the spines of 22 books that were preferred by the citizens of Kansas City can be seen on the exterior of the Kansas City Library.

book house,

12. The Longaberger Headquarters in Ohio, USA

The Longaberger Company designed its Headquarters in the shape of a huge wooden basket to commemorate their labor of selling baskets and other fixtures.

basket house

13. The “Wooden Gangster House” in Arkangelsk, Russia

The Wooden Gangster House is said to be the world’s tallest wooden building and its appearanceis indeed giving me an impression impression that it really is! The wooden building is 144 ft. high and has 13 floors. It is half the size of London’s Big Ben tower. It is built by Mr. Sutyagin and his family in 1992. The building was demolished in 2008 because it was considered as a fire hazard by city officials.

wooden gagster house

14. The Houses in Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong City, Philippines Every Christmas Season

Unsurprisingly, an entry from the Philippines is included in our list. It may not be a towering structure or a strangely designed building, but it definitely reflects every Filipinos’ enthusiasm for the celebration of Christmas. A gorgeously lit street in Policarpio Street Mandaluyong City, Philippines is a “must-see” destination in the country every Christmas season. The extravagant and very appealing lights that surface every houses in the said street will surely catch your attention. The countries’ rich Christmas tradition can be best represented by this spectacular street.




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