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Other Unexplained Cases of Resurrection in the Philippines


There have been numerous cases of mysterious turn of events wherein a people who were identified as clinically dead inexplicably come to life. Strange events like this usually happens when the corpse is about to be buried 6 feet below the ground then someone will notice that the corpse is actually alive or they were badly mistaken. There are also instances where the purportedly pronounced corpse refuses to be buried which gives everyone present during the interment an experience that they will never forget. How can you ever forget seeing a dead person abruptly comes back into his senses? News like these tend to spread like plague all throughout the country and even reach far flung places and other continents as news about miraculous events are seemingly hard to ignore.


I personally believe that modern day existence of people like Lazarus is undoubtedly improbable. With the rapid advancement of technology and piles of medicinal breakthrough, there must be convincing explanations regarding these mystifying instances. Those who think critically will probably have these following questions inside their minds:

  1. How could these corpse come back to life when in fact they are already embalmed and vital organs were already taken of from their bodies?
  2. Why do these incidents usually happen amongst indigenous tribes which does not believe in the process of embalming?
  3. Should we blame the doctors, nurses, and those people who were responsible of coming out with the conclusion that a certain person is clinically dead?
  4. Can they still breath while inside such incommodious places like coffins? How did they manage to stay alive without food or water for a few days?
  5. Religion has something to do with this right?
  6. Scientists, doctors, researchers, and non-believers. Do they have their own explanations for this  enigmatic resurrections?


We don’t even have to look for such eerie and baffling events outside our country since there have been some incidents which actually occurred here in the Philippines. I have listed some of those here in my article and it’s up for you to decide whether you believe them or not.

Written by dailypedia

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