5 More Ironies in the World You Need to Know

This image shows the number of McDonald's branch in every country. (Photo source:
This image shows the number of McDonald’s branch in every country. (Photo source:

3.) Ironies about the McDonald’s fast food chain – Despite being an American brand, the largest McDonald’s branch in the world today is not in the United States.

Rather, that distinction goes to its branch in Pushkin Square, Moscow, Russia. This outlet is 28,000 square feet big and has 27 cash registers on its 70-foot long service counter. The branch can accommodate around 700 customers at once and it has served over 250 million customers since its opening.

Likewise, the country with the second most McDonald’s branches is Japan with close to 3,600. This seems ironic given the Japanese’s preference over their cuisine which has also gained prominence in the world. Japan has more McDonald’s branches than Canada, the United Kingdom and China combined.

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