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Teacher failed LET seven times before she passed with the help of prayers

Teacher failed LET seven times before she passed with the help of prayers

  • A woman failed seven times before becoming a professional teacher
  • She urges people to believe in God and His ways

People who want to become teachers need to pass the Licensure Exam for Teachers or LET. The test is held twice a year and although many make it, there is also a great number of people who don’t.

The test is not easy, as it is common to see some individuals take the test multiple times. Some get discouraged and end up pursuing a different career.

But one persistent individual did not give up on her dreams of becoming a professional teacher.

Nelma M. Dahimulla graduated from Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Agri-Fishery arts. It took her eight attempts to finally pass the LET. She tried over the span of four years and did not quit. The first time she failed, she took it lightly and was still optimistic.

“My first take naka 68 lang ata ako dayyy. masakit sobra pero madali lang man makamove on agad kasi inisip ko ‘ah wala ‘to first time ko kasi kaya nanibago lang siguro tapos wala pang review.'”

She got to the point where she was short of less than one percent to pass the exam, having scored 74.20%, 75% being the passing score. This was when she really felt down, she was so close but yet so far. She blamed herself for studying on her own instead of going to a review center. She said that teaching is her passion and that her family has always wanted this profession for her.

“gusto ko to maachieve at mas maging proud pa ang parents ko sakin at magawa ko ang gusto kong gawin that is to inspire other people through my profession. I love teaching others and giving inspirational advice. So yun nga bagsak pa rin ako kasi puro ako self review at sa mga post na reviewer sa Facebook lang ako.”

After getting tired of failing, she decided to enroll at CBRC (Carl Balita Review Center). She said that the review center helped a lot, as they do not just teach academics, but also how to have faith in God. The instructors make their students feel like they should not quit and are worth it, even if they have failed many times.

“Believe sila samin at saludo sila sa tapang naming mga Repeaters na kahit paulit-ulit na bumagsak kami still bumabangon parin kami para lumaban. Sobra talaga ako naiyak that day as in.”

The instructors always remind their students the reasons they should pass their exam. She enjoyed her experience there as she made new friends, too.

Before the day of the exam, she did a lot of praying and employed all the techniques she learned at the review center. Nelma had renewed confidence as she took the exam for the eighth time.

May 25 came, the day when the results would be released and Nelma was nervous the entire day. When her mother notified her that the list was out, she immediately went online to look for her name on the list. The internet was slow and she kept on refreshing the page until she saw her name,

She described it as almost having a heart attack due to being too happy. This was life changing for her and her family.

“Alhamdulillah pasado na ako!! muntik ng sumabog puso ko that day. haha sorrry naman na … overwhelming ang feeling eh 🤣 at sobra pa nung masabi ko sa parents ko na pumasa ako beshhh.. Priceless ang Mukha nila. yun ang mas nagpasaya sakin kesa sa result hahaha grabe sila.”.

She urges people, that are struggling to make it in life, to just believe in God and that He will give you what you need at the right time. She scored a 78.40 and is now a licensed professional teacher.

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A dedicated Filipino major student wows netizens with his innovative instructional materials

A dedicated Filipino major student wows netizens with his innovative instructional materials

  • Netizens were amazed by his unique and attractive teaching materials
  • The story that he demonstrated somehow related to the life of his mother and took it as an inspiration for his preparation
  • It took him one a half weeks to prepare the instructional materials (IMs) and would only sleep for about two to three hours just to finish all the materials

Teaching is a profession that needs a lot of patience and dedication. To be a full-pledged teacher, students undergo lots of training which includes a final demonstration, wherein students should perform actual teaching in front of a panelist or critics.

A student who studied at the City College of Tagaytay, named Abdullah Abubakar, posted some photos of him preparing the instructional materials for his final demonstration teaching. His post went viral and garnered 5 thousand reactions and 6 thousand shares because netizens were amazed by his unique and attractive teaching materials.

Via Messenger, she shared with us, Dailypedia, his experiences on how he was able to come up with these kind of teaching materials.

His final demonstration was about a chapter on ‘Noli Me Tangere’ Chapter 21 entitled ‘Ang Kasaysayan ng Isang Ina,’ which dug up so much emotion and inspiration to it.

Abdullah grew up in a poor family and he is the second among four siblings. With the absence of his father, his mother was the only one who raised them.

Wala na po kasi akong ama, kaya po ang aking ina na lamang po ang nagtataguyod sa amin,” he said.

The story that he demonstrated somehow related to the life of his mother and took it as an inspiration for his preparation. Though his mother did not go insane like the mother in the story, she raised them up alone as Sisa did with her children, Crispin and Basilio.

Hindi man po nabaliw ang aking Ina, ngunit itinaguyod nya po kaming mga anak nya, na gaya ng ginawa ni Sisa kina Crispin at Basilyo.”

It took him one a half weeks to prepare the instructional materials (IMs) and would only sleep for about two to three hours just to finish all the materials needed, starting with motivation down to evaluation. Great thanks to his grandfather living in Zamboanga, who sent money to buy the all materials needed to come up with his instructional materials.

"Manalig, Magtiwala at Maniwala"Manalig – Manalig nang taimtimMagtiwala – Magtiwala ng mayroong paninindiganManiwala…

Posted by Abdullah Abubakar on Monday, March 25, 2019

His final demonstration went excellent as he got the highest grade for the demonstration teaching.

His message to all students like him, who are dreaming to be a teacher, is to continue because nothing is impossible if you love what you are doing.

Sa lahat po ng mga gustong maging isang guro, magpatuloy lamang po. Wala pong mahirap na gawain kung talagang gusto mo ang iyong ginagawa.”

Reminding everyone that everything is possible with prayers, self-confidence, and trusting your own capabilities.

“Parati lamang po itong tandaan: Ang lahat ay posible kung ikaw ay nananalig sa kataas-taasan. Magtitiwala sa inyong kakayahan at maniwala sa mga bagay na kaya mong gampanan.”

This is from a student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino saying: “Huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa. Mabuhay ang mga guro. Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino. Mabuhay ang asignaturang Filipino. Pagpalain po tayong lahat.

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Netizen gives reasons why CPD Law should be abolished

Netizen gives reasons why CPD Law should be abolished

  • Netizen posted about the recent incident at PNA’s National Annual Convention 2018.
  • He added that this is one of the reasons why the CPD Law should be abolished.

Netizen and cinematographer Emir Kahn Bautista shared the truth behind Philippine Nurses Association‘s three-day National Annual Convention 2018.

He attached photos that show that there is barely space for moving. But despite the crowded and tight spacing between tables and chairs, there are still participants who found it difficult to find their own place, which resulted to many of them sitting on the floor.

The participants were said to have paid ₱5,300 just to attend the said convention. He added that there were even nurses that came from as far as Zamboanga just to go to the event in Ortigas.

Bautista then mentioned that he hopes the Republic Act 10912, or the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law be abolished. The law requires professionals to earn units for the renewal of their Professional Identification card, and as the convention gives one 35 units, nurses were convinced to attend and pay the large sum of money.

A participant said that she had no choice but to go because she needs to renew her ID soon.


Wala na akong pakialam kung pula o dilaw ka. Tulungan nyo naman mga nurses ko. Ipaabot nyo to San mga congressman at senador na tatakbo. Lahat ng magpapaabolish ng CPD iboboto ko.

Eto ang dahilan kug bakit kailangan I abolish ang CPD.

P5,300 for 3 days seminar for 35units CPD?.
As far as Zamboanga city umattend sa Ortigas ngayon.

5,300 x x,ooo of participants.
Health is a human right:Ensuring, Access, investment and economic growth” 35 units for P5,300.

After Bautista’s post went viral, members of the PNA has reached out to him, saying that they are seeking for his forgiveness.

UPDATE from the PNA!.

We would like to thank our PNA board of members for reaching out to us.

Message from one of the Boards.

Dear Emir,
I humbly seek your forgiveness and understanding for what happened yesterday. I, as a member of the Board of Governors for PNA CAR, perfectly understand your sentiments and feelings. I can not argue with that. I respect for that.

We at the PNA promise to do better next year. We can not undo what transpired this year, thus this apology.

Kudos to PNA. 

Bill to abolish the CPD Law.

Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto is seeking to abolish the Republic Act 10912, or the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law which he said, hinders the growth of the country’s professionals.

Recto expressed professionals from various disciplines, particularly, teachers and nurses, are protesting the supposed difficulties in getting CPD credits and in having their licenses renewed.

“Compulsory requirements of dubious value like CPD go against this trend.

“Pulling the plug on the CPD experiment should give all of us time to ponder other means of improving professional competence without the coercive force of the CPD model.”

He said that he hopes that the government would find a better system for professional development “without the disruptions, inconveniences, and the high expenses the present one causes.”

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Ultimate Summer Getaway: Check Out How This Woman Traveled the World without a Passport and Visa

Ultimate Summer Getaway: Check Out How This Woman Traveled the World without a Passport and Visa


Surely, most people dream of travelling abroad and taking pictures of the beautiful tourist spots that are truly Instagram-worthy!

However, the only downside of everyone’s vision is the lack of funds. Everyone knows that it would cost a fortune to travel around the world, not only because of the air fare but also because of the documents required to be submitted before the issuance of passport and visa.

On the contrary, these hindrances can’t stop us from fulfilling our dreams. A Facebook user named Noid Oropesa Ragian shared a hack which will let Filipinos see international tourist spots without the need to acquire huge amount of money and certain documents, and without having to leave the country!

Oropesa became creative and traveled locally to visit the spots in Zamboanga City which resembles the iconic places abroad and in the country as well.

Here’s the Zamboanga version of the Man-made forest in Bohol:

Want to see the alternative for New Zealand’s famous hills?

What about the iconic stairs in Thailand?

Or perhaps, do you dream of seeing Cape Town up close?

If you want to have a feel of Japan’s ambiance, here’s a great substitute for their Hokkaido Bridge!

No need to travel all the way to Baguio for the foggy mountain. They have it here too!

Want a quick Puerto Rico escapade?

Oropesa showed that these international spots have an identical equivalent here in the Philippines if only citizens are eager enough to look for hidden gems. Moreover, her post helped promote the country’s tourism.

Facebook users who had seen her post are quickly encouraged to visit the area, as Oropesa succeeded in letting netizens see the beauty of Zamboanga.

It’s not too late to plan for your ultimate summer travel this year! Would you like to see these sceneries in person?

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