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This netizen just received the best Valentine’s gift from his dad!

This netizen just received the best Valentine’s gift from his dad!

  • Netizen shared how his dad accepted him for who he is
  • This twitter thread might just make you appreciate your parents more!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and people are already posting on social media the gifts that they received or planning to give to their lover. Whatever kind of gift it may be, we’re sure that it’s pretty something.

However, we also know for sure that receiving a special gift from your family is the best feeling ever! Just like how this Twitter netizen felt so happy after receiving an early Valentine’s gift coming from his dad!

This netizen shared on Twitter his conversation with his dad regarding his coming out. “Sobrang naiyak ako. I love you, Pa!” as said on the post.  See their convo below:

This is the most heartfelt part.

Based on screenshots of their conversation, the twitter netizen opened up about his sexuality and was accepted by his father wholeheartedly.

His dad also shared how proud he is of him and that he accepts him no matter what or who he is.

His dad told him that he was never once ashamed of him and that his only wish is for him to finish his studies, which would make him even happier. In the end, his father even invited him and his special someone to a dinner together with his sibling.

*Awww, we’re not crying, you are!*

If you don’t have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s day, don’t forget that you can always celebrate it with your friends and of course, your family! After all, the gift of family is just may be the best gift we could ever receive.

Spread love and positivity this Valentine’s! (Credits to Twitter netizen: @_ivannnnn)

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VP Leni Robredo shocks students when she substitutes professor in class

VP Leni Robredo shocks students when she substitutes professor in class

  • VP Leni Robredo steps in as a substitute teacher

  • Netizens react on VP Leni being a teacher

What will you do if your professor says he is busy and will not be around for your class? You would probably think “hooray for free cut!” as you begin to mentally prepare what you will do in that 1- hour free time.

Maybe you’ll get some snacks, review for the next class, or perhaps grab this chance to sneak in a little sleep because of the all-nighter you just pulled last night.

But what if your professor suddenly pops that dreamy bubble you’ve been planning inside your head when he says that a substitute teacher will be coming to take his place for the day? Major “ugh” is echoing inside your head just now, right?

So, you then start to erase whatever you have been planning in your head and try to focus on class again as the substitute teacher enters the room… but not just any teacher, it’s THE substitute teacher.

Can’t imagine what we mean? Well, take it from this Twitter netizen as she shares who just stepped in class as their substitute teacher.

Reads: “Constitutional professor said someone would substitute him today because he’s busy. Didn’t know it would be the Vice President of the Philippines”

The law students from Ateneo de Naga University gets a surprise when Vice President Leni Robredo entered the room as the substitute teacher for their constitutional law class.

See, it’s not just any substitute teacher. Sorry students, but it looks like the class lecture will proceed for the day.

Netizens also reacted on this and it looks like more people are wishing that they can get to have the Vice President as their teacher.


Who wouldn’t get shocked, right?

Nagturo sya? Not familiar sa educational bg ni VP Leni pero graduate siya ng Law? Nakaka-amaze naman. VP Leni, baka naman sa Adamson makadaan ka.
omg! hoping for vp to visit our class in dlsud grad school
“Jusko! Ngayon talaga napatunayan kong unfair ang buhay! Bakit sila lang? jk!

Please go to our school too, VP!

she was your prof today? humaygad such an honor and a privilege for your class!
I’d love to be part of that class
Sarap mag sit in sa class nya. Wow

Surely, everyone is all ears in class!

Now, would you dare skip class when the Vice President is your prof? We don’t think so. (Post from Twitter netizen: @camillephant)

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Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 draws ‘hugot’ lines from netizens

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 draws ‘hugot’ lines from netizens

  • Netizens react on super blue blood moon
  • Hilarious and “hugot” tweets from netizens regarding the super blue blood moon

The super blue blood moon is definitely majestic and magical but of course, Filipinos would still find a way to make “hugots” from this. This twitter trend will surely make you laugh!

Check out these funny tweets:


Yes! Wait, whut?

I am the moon!

Gaano ka kalabo as a person? *winks*


Food is life, right? Oh and yeah, “ang ganda ng moon”

Well, that escalated quickly.

Hey, let’s focus on the moon and not my forehead!

Must. read. the. daily. horoscope.

Oh, thanks– wait, what?

*Tags crush*

So…what do you think?

Wait, for reals??

Nice one.

Don’t me, people!

You go, self!

Well, that didn’t go as planned.

Guys, again, let’s focus on the moon!

Close enough.

Like, omg, the moon is super ganda kaya!

Filipinos really do know how to appreciate something. Well then, hugot and kidding aside, ANG GANDA NG MOON! (Credit to the owners of the tweets.)

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