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Angel Locsin helps netizen who lost his child

Angel Locsin helps netizen who lost his child

  • A netizen has asked for Angel Locsin’s help after his baby passed away.
  • She promised to donate an amount equivalent to 10 bags he’s selling to pay for their unpaid hospital and funeral bills.

It is no secret that actress Angel Locsin has been continuously active when it comes to helping those in need.

She donates blood to Red Cross regularly, has long supported the organization’s initiatives, and has been active with their projects as an ambassadress.

She has also helped the residents of Marikina City when they suffered from a destructive typhoon. She has also visited evacuation centers and personally gave meals and goods to the flood victims.

And she continues to prove that she’s keen on continuing her good deeds as she helped one of followers that asked for her help on Instagram.

Instagram user jadpaosantos shared that he has lost his baby that has been fighting for his life at the hospital for 82 days. Their unpaid hospital bills has amounted to around one million along with the funeral service.

He encouraged Locsin to buy bags worth 850.

His comment wasn’t left unnoticed by the actress as she replied to his plea.

She said that she’s unable to buy the bags due to current endorsements but she’s willing to donate an amount equal to 10 pieces of the bags the netizen is selling.

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Superhero on-screen, a lifesaver offscreen: Angel Locsin continues to donate blood to Red Cross

Superhero on-screen, a lifesaver offscreen: Angel Locsin continues to donate blood to Red Cross

  • Angel Locsin gets complimented for continuously supporting the Philippine National Red Cross.
  • The actress is said to be one step shy from being a “blood galloner.”

Actress Angel Locsin got commended by the Philippine National Red Cross for her continuous support.

According to the organization, Angel is a “superhero on-screen, a lifesaver offscreen” as she recently went and donated blood.

Admiring the actress’ dedication and passion in helping others, the Red Cross complimented Locsin as they have posted a heartfelt and touching message dedicated to her.

“Just one step shy from becoming a blood galloner, Angel Locsin is an active advocate of voluntary blood donation.”

As an ambassadress of  the Philippine Red Cross, the actress has long supported the organization’s initiatives and has been active with their projects.

She has also been travelling all around the world, helping with the organization’s different missions and pursuits.

Aside from Red Cross, Angel has also been active with operations such as helping the victims of the past typhoons in the country.

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Red Cross Matriarch Rosa Rosal Acts Up On ₱200-M Anomaly

Red Cross Matriarch Rosa Rosal Acts Up On ₱200-M Anomaly

  • Rosa Rosal Acts up on Red Cross 200M Anomaly
  • Philippine Red Cross faces corruption

It has been ages since we last hear an anomaly in the Philippine Red Cross, but today marks the biggest one to date. Controversies sparked when PRC was allegedly involved in a ₱ 200-million scam.

What matriarch says

Long-time Red Cross head Rosa Rosal said that this was the  first time in the organization’s 63 years of operation. Worse part?  Officials were divided.

They root this issue on Chief Accountant Jeric Sian’s accusations against secretary general Gwendolyn Pang regarding the questionable ₱ 1.8M transaction on Baller IDs with Richard ‘Dick’ Gordon’s name onto it. Sketchy enough, this took place on 2009 and 2010, which happened to be the year Gordon ran for President.

Four months after Sian’s accusations, he was fired and charged with Libel. With this, Matriarch Rosal underwent a full financial audit supported by chapters in Davao, North and South Cotabato. What Rosal did was the right thing to do.

It will surely track down where this ₱ 200M anomaly is coming from. Besides, the public has the right to know what is going on. After all, it’s the public who funds the organization. Tickets are being paid by the students annually.

For now, this is all that we’ve got. We will keep you posted if there’s any progress regarding the anomalies that face PRC.

What do you think guys? Share us your thoughts.

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