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“Well done!” Miss World congratulates Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

“Well done!” Miss World congratulates Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

  • Miss World congratulated Catriona Grey with a post on their Facebook page.
  • Filipinos thanked the organization for not making Gray win the Miss World title two years ago.

Following Catriona Gray‘s win, the official Facebook page of Miss World greeted the former 4th runner-up of the 2016 pageant for her new achievement in winning the Miss Universe 2018 crown.


It mentioned Gray’s previous title in Miss World and why she was selected for the Beauty with a Purpose Project “for a special visit during Miss World 2016”.

They also mentioned their gratitude for her vision and dedication for the pageant.

“We are delighted to see her win the Miss Universe crown! Catriona’s brilliant Smokey Mountain Beauty With A purpose project captured all our hearts and it revealed her dedicated vision to support the most vulnerable in our society. Miss Universe organisation you have a great winner !”

Well done Catriona!Congratulations from all of us at Miss World to Catriona Gray on being elected Miss Universe…

Posted by Miss World on Sunday, December 16, 2018

The post was full of positivity but others have called out the organization for an issue that the 2016 competition was manipulated.

In a post by Miss World Brazil 2016, she revealed that “there wasn’t enough food and water, there were candidates who slept with the pageant’s staff and there were no panel of judges for the Beauty with a Purpose challenge event” and even added that the jurors were “suspicious”.

What also fueled the suspicion was the fact that one of the judges, Wilnelia Merced, who is the national director of Miss Puerto Rico. She is also a former Miss World from Puerto Rico and her mother is the national franchise holder of Miss World Puerto Rico.

Check out comments of netizens at Miss World’s congratulatory post.

Thank you miss world for not crowining catriona last 2016.hahahah. She showed your world is just a tiny bit grain of salt in the universe. Hahaha

Miss Universe see her worth as a true queen which, unfortunately, Miss World failed to see.

You robbed her crown two years ago and the Universe made it back to her. Truly deserving.

I’m really hurt when she did not get the crown in 2016, but now, I’ more than thankful for the Org for not letting her win. She is meant for something bigger. Bigger platform so she can inspire more people.


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Dead cabbie gets last wish to be seated in taxi for his wake

Dead cabbie gets last wish to be seated in taxi for his wake


Some people, on their deathbed, utter final wishes they hope their loved ones can do for them one last time.  While requests may vary from the color of the caskets, cremation of bodies, and scattering of ashes, one Puerto Rican cab driver had a particularly unique last request.

A taxi driver for the past 15 years, Victor Perez Cardona’s dying wish was fulfilled by his daughter Generosa Perez, when on the day of his wake before his burial, the 73-year-old cabbie, who succumbed to cancer, was seated in his cab for the last time, according to DailyMail.

Friends, relatives, and mourners paid their last respects at his wake in Aguas Buenos on Sunday, May 24, 2015. While some looked on as his body was seated in his favorite place (which is none other than the driver’s seat), others climbed in the backseat to remember how he lived.

Cardona was honored by friends and family by fulfilling his dying wish: to seat in his taxi on his wake. Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk
Cardona was honored by friends and family by fulfilling his dying wish: to be seated in his taxi for his wake.
Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk

On the evening of that day, his remains were moved to a chapel.

We have different ways of honoring our dead, however we want to do it, the most important thing is that we offer prayer for our loved one to finally rest in peace.

Feature Photo credit: metro.co.uk

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LOOK: Going On Vacation Alone Versus Going On Vacation With the Family

LOOK: Going On Vacation Alone Versus Going On Vacation With the Family


Have you ever had a miserable time while on vacation? What if you had to leave your family and go on a vacation alone? It would be sad to take selfies, take a bath in the pool, enjoy the comfort of your hotel room, and eat if you know you left behind your loved ones.

Take Kevin Blanford, the fortunate and unfortunate guy who won a vacation to Puerto Rico but had to leave his wife and baby for a cruise. Good thing his photos went viral after posting sad selfies. The viral photos reached the management of the hotel were he stayed and he was offered another trip, this time with his wife and beautiful baby.

See the difference below.

It’s always better to go snorkeling with the wife…


No more lonely nights when you are with your family…


Who wants to stay alone in a hotel? 


A cocktail is definitely for sharing…


The days are brighter always with the family…


A place alone with the family is happier than a place full of people when you are alone…


A vacation with the family is always more satisfying…


Thinking of going on a vacation? Take your family with you. It’s definitely more fun!

Photos converted to gif image. Still photos credit: Let’s Live Love Laugh

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