Dead cabbie gets last wish to be seated in taxi for his wake

Some people, on their deathbed, utter final wishes they hope their loved ones can do for them one last time.  While requests may vary from the color of the caskets, cremation of bodies, and scattering of ashes, one Puerto Rican cab driver had a particularly unique last request.

A taxi driver for the past 15 years, Victor Perez Cardona’s dying wish was fulfilled by his daughter Generosa Perez, when on the day of his wake before his burial, the 73-year-old cabbie, who succumbed to cancer, was seated in his cab for the last time, according to DailyMail.

Friends, relatives, and mourners paid their last respects at his wake in Aguas Buenos on Sunday, May 24, 2015. While some looked on as his body was seated in his favorite place (which is none other than the driver’s seat), others climbed in the backseat to remember how he lived.

Cardona was honored by friends and family by fulfilling his dying wish: to seat in his taxi on his wake. Photo Credit:
Cardona was honored by friends and family by fulfilling his dying wish: to be seated in his taxi for his wake.
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On the evening of that day, his remains were moved to a chapel.

We have different ways of honoring our dead, however we want to do it, the most important thing is that we offer prayer for our loved one to finally rest in peace.

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