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5 Facts You Should Know About “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez

5 Facts You Should Know About “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez

  • Ion Perez admits on GGV’s latest episode that Vice Ganda is special to him
  • No direct and further confirmation has been divulged about the real score of their relationship
  • Before Perez met Vice Ganda, he made a mark in the male pageant scene, being crowned as 2018 Mr. Universe Tourism

Ion Perez, also known as “Kuya Escort” in the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” made a surprise guest appearance on Vice Ganda’s “Gandang Gabi Vice” that aired on March 31.

The model admitted then that the comedian-host is “special” to him.

Both Vice Ganda and Ion Perez have been teased repeatedly by their co-hosts in the variety show about their supposed romantic relationship, but no direct confirmation has ever been uttered by the two.

But what was Ion Perez’s life before he met his “special” person Vice Ganda?


Below are some facts about the heartthrob:

1. Perez was born in Concepcion, Tarlac on November 27, 1990 and is the 11th among 15 siblings

2. His late father was a jeepney driver while his mother worked for a time as a kakanin vendor

3. He was among the winners of the 2017 Misters of Filipinas pageant

4. A year later, he was crowned Mister Universe Tourism where it opened a door for him in the modeling industry

5. He is part of the bachelor list of Cosmopolitan Philippines

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‘Kuya Escort’ Ion Perez reacts to rumored relationship with Vice Ganda

‘Kuya Escort’ Ion Perez reacts to rumored relationship with Vice Ganda

  • Vice Ganda and Ion Perez’s confession of ‘status’ in GGV taping has set social media abuzz
  • Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo grilled Ion Perez on ‘the real score’ with Vice Ganda
  • Showtime hosts Vice and Ion shared an intimate moment that was caught on cam in the past

Kapamilya noontime show mainstays Vice Ganda and “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez have been the subject of “rumored relationship” in past gossip columns, but now the rumor seems to be true after netizens posted stories on social media that the two allegedly admitted to being a couple during a taping session for ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ (GGV).

Photos of them hugging each other circulated online, and netizen JS Espejon Sanchez said that the pictures were taken during the March 12 GGV taping. He then proceeded to explain what happened on the set.

According to the Sanchez, Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo were the guests on GGV to promote their upcoming movie Eerie. The two wanted to do a prank on Vice where Ion and Jacky were dressed as nuns.


After the prank, Bea asked Kuya Escort what the real score is between him and the comedian-host. Charo Santos also had a follow-up question, and that was when Perez finally revealed that heand Vice are already couple.

“Totoo man o hindi ang mga bali-balita, abangan n’yo nalang po para malaman ang katotohanan ♥ ^O^,” cryptically posted Perez recently on his Twitter account.

Ion also shared, “Walang mangyayari sa buhay natin kung paiiralin ang hiya at takot sa paggawa ng mga bagay na kaya naman nating gawin.”

The viral tweet of Vice Ganda saying: “Please allow me to be happy. Siguro deserve ko din naman magmalaki at ipagmalaki ng taong mahal ko at mahal ako. 😍😍😍 I love you daddiii ❤️ #inarelatIONship” is apparently just made by a fan and was not posted to Vice’s Twitter account.

In a previous report, the two were spotted together in an event sharing an intimate moment which was caught on cam and Jhong Hilario, their co-host, even showed proof.

The rumor was fueled further when Ion called Vice “Lab” on ‘It’s Showtime’s’ live program last month.

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“It’s Showtime’s” ‘Kuya Escort’: Get to know more about Greg Hawkins

“It’s Showtime’s” ‘Kuya Escort’: Get to know more about Greg Hawkins

  • We got to know more about It’s Showtime newest personality, Greg Hawkins aka “Kuya Escort.”
  • Hawkins is a half-American and half Korean model with a very musically inclined past.
  • He will continue appearing on the noontime show as he works on future projects and television commercials.

If you’ve been watching It’s Showtime’s latest season of ‘Miss Q and A’, you’ve probably noticed a new handsome face on the block. Before, theu had “Ate Girl,” and now, they have “Kuya Escort.”

His name is Greg Hawkins, a 25-year-old American-Korean model.

Hawkins grew-up in Salt Lake City, Utah before going to the Philippines for a mission trip. He claimed to have fallen in love with the place, however, he needed to return to the US to finish his studies. Staying true to his word, he went back to the country to start a modeling career.

He doesn’t just have the looks, but the talent as well as he has an impressive background in music. He shared that he started playing music ever since he was young and joined different bands while he was studying.

“When I was in high school, I joined different bands that they offered there. I became a conductor and drum major, as well as a classical and jazz trombonist.”

At his senior year of high school, he got the opportunity to play for the award winning jazz group, Crescent Super Band. The band’s awards include Utah’s Best of State awards for Best Instrumental Group each year from 2013 to 2017 and Best Vocal/Instrumental Band each year from 2010 to 2017. 

“We traveled all over the world, including Switzerland and Italy, headlining jazz festivals.”

His love for music pushed him to study Music Education in college, where he became a conductor of The Troopers, a professional drum and bugle corps. They toured the USA and competed with other drum and bugle corps. If you’re curious what they sound like, he said that one of the band’s albums, called ‘What It Is,’ is available on iTunes.

Although his modeling career is kind of different from what he did before, he said that he’s still into singing and playing the piano. “I appreciate songs with talented vocals and interesting musical elements.”.

Aside from doing music in his free time, he also indulges in various hobbies such as going to the gym, snowboarding, golfing, and watching YouTube videos. He named Luke Bowers, Becoming Filipino, and Mario Adrion as his favorite YouTube channels. He also mentioned Christina Grimmie as his favorite YouTube musician.

“Favorite YouTube musician was always Christina Grimmie. May she Rest in Peace.”

When asked about how he landed his It’s Showtime gig, he said that he got in ABS-CBN via a Star Hunt audition. “I was organizing my schedules for modeling and show business castings and realized that I had a Star Hunt audition. A contact from ABS-CBN then asked me if I’d like to try it out.”

Hawkins said that the Showtime family has been “so friendly and helpful” when he entered the show. “There’s a lot to learn, but I feel comfortable because they’re very patient and encouraging.

“I feel very blessed and privileged to be [a] part of such an amazing show with talented artists and coworkers. They are truly professional and an absolute pleasure to learn from.”

We asked him if he’s always wanted to be a TV personality, he answered no. “I used to want to be a lawyer.”

So aside from It’s Showtime, where else can you see him in the near future? The model said that he has a couple of commercials in the works and he will continue to appear on the noontime show.

“If people are looking for something on a more personal level, I occasionally upload vlogs [on] my YouTube channel: Greg Hawkins.”

Hawkins then relayed a message to his supporters that have cheered him on ever since he appeared on It’s Showtime.

Nagpapasalamat ako sa inyong lahat. Pag wala kayo, wala rin ako. Dahil sa suporta ninyo puwede akong sumunod ng pangarap ko dito. Maraming maraming salamat, laban!”

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