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Converge promises faster internet in 2021, to fast track Fiber X rollout in PH

Converge promises faster internet in 2021, to fast track Fiber X rollout in PH

  • Converge, a local ICT (information and communications technology) company, will fast track the rolling out of Fiber internet services throughout the country.
  • Converge has now partnered with the biggest South Korea telco companies, Korea Telecoms, LSI-Fibernet Konstruk Corporation, and TE Connectivity Subcom.
  • Converge’s Fiber X plans can give up to 50 Mbps for more than 20 devices connected at the same time.

In this day and age, an affordable and fast internet connection is one of life’s major requirements. Now and again, our need for connection is a thing to be gratified, as almost all of life’s basic tasks are made easier online. Internet is a complete substitute for life, they say. Certainly, a sluggish internet connection is something we don’t have patience for.

That is why, the recent announcement of Converge ICT to fast track its rollout of Fiber X internet services is a great news we should anticipate.

Targeting to complete the nationwide spread by 2021, the ICT company is aiming to provide pure end-to-end fiber internet connectivity – fast and reliable – from Luzon to Mindanao. These services are packaged into plans, ideal for every home, offices, SMEs, and enterprises.

At the moment, there are four internet plans being offered.

The Fiber X 1500 plan offers up to 25 Mbps, which is more than enough for 10 devices. Meanwhile, the Fiber X 2500 plan offers up to 50 Mbps, ideal for more than 20 devices – all connected at the same time. Notably, all of these Converge Fiber X plans have no data cap or limit – meaning, you can stream movies, download or upload files online, or simply surf the net without data restriction.

The very recent package  of Converfe is the Fiber Xtreme – coming in two plans. The Fiber Xtreme 4500 plan offers up to 300 Mbps, while the Fiber Xtreme 7000 plan offers up to 500 Mbps – also both without data restriction.

At the moment, all of the Converge internet plans have the installation fee of PHP 2,500 each, with a lock-in period of 24 months.

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PLDT spends P11-B to improve internet speed in the Philippines

PLDT spends P11-B to improve internet speed in the Philippines

  • PLDT to spend 11B for PH internet improvement
  • Jack Ma takes on slow internet in the Philippines

Finally! An internet provider takes on bigger heights for the betterment of PH internet.

PLDT to spend P11 billion

It’s not even surprising when the Philippines was announced as the country having the slowest internet connection in the world. I mean, who waits a whole day just to download a mid-quality 30-minute video.

Good thing to know, PLDT Inc. is planning to spend over P11 billion in the next two years to fund a ‘modernization plan’ that includes the shift to fiber internet. Through this bold move, over 1.3 million PLDT subscribers will be encouraged to move to Fiber optics cable as they rollout a million Fibr ports across the country covering even the remote areas in the province.

In a report by GMA News Online, PLDT First Vice President and Head of Home Business Marco Borlongan said, “We are leveling up their broadband experience with the migration of our DSL customers to Fibr-fast connectivity.”

Borlongan also mentioned the plan to rollout the fiber-to-the-home network nationwide, teaming up with world-renowned content platforms and providers. This is to solidify the internet connection in the country.

It has always been PLDT’s plan to work out this project, but it’s not until the founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma shaded the internet in the Philippines. In a forum at De La Salle University, he said that his internet experience in the Philippines was not good.

PLDT then issued a statement saying that their tests showed their service and coverage have improved since the introduction of fiber option.

What do you think guys? Do you think it’s worth it? Share us your thoughts.

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Philippines Gets Free Wi-Fi Access Starting July 2015

Philippines Gets Free Wi-Fi Access Starting July 2015


The Philippine government will provide free WiFi in the entire country starting 2015. The good news was announced recently after the Senate in helping the country in terms of technology.

According to Taho news, Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto filed Senate Bill No. 2232 or the “Free Metro Manila WiFi Act of 2014.”

Senator Recto said that “free public Wi-Fi will help farmers, traders, teachers, and students to get immediate access to online information, and for the families of OFWs as well.”

He also added that “the reason behind this is that if you’re a son of an overseas Filipino worker and you would like to Skype with your father who is in the Middle East because a member of the family has been stricken ill, then you can do it within the hospital premises,”

The Senate version of the 2015 national budget has allocated P3 billion for the setting up of free Wi-Fi spots all over the country to enable Internet access for the public.

Recto said “the Wi-Fi funding was a result of the Senate’s decision to defer by one year the lease-purchase by the DBM of laptops which will later be issued to selected government employees.”

“I think it is the win-win situation. We set up the access points first. Kasi ngayon ang ang teachers, halimbawa, ay may mga smartphones na. Ang problema nila ay hindi sila maka-connect sa Internet. Then kung nakatayo na ito, we bring in the laptops.”-Recto added.

DOST would be installing WiFi in airports, restaurants and public places.

“If our vehicular highways are congested, then we should tap the information highway and we can telecommute if the infra is there,” Recto said.

According to IT experts, “this project will be able to help people in provinces with education, especially in since they will have access to government databases. It also offers a cheaper alternative to long-distance phone calls.”

Photo credit from Google.
Bidding will start next month because there will be a need to rent infrastructure from private companies, bidding for partnerships with the private sector.

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MVP’s Life-changing Big Announcement: Free Mobile Internet!

MVP’s Life-changing Big Announcement: Free Mobile Internet!


It’s Friday! Speculations about MVP’s big announcement are finally over. Today, businessman Manuel “Manny” V. Pangilinan announced the answer to his intriguing tweet last Wednesday.

MVP inaugurates the free mobile internet for Smart, Sun Cellular, and Talk n’ Text users. This exciting promo begins today, Friday, and is set to end tentatively on November 30 of this year – but let’s keep our fingers crossed that they will extend it infinitely.

According to MVP, by the end of this trial period, they would assess whether they will extend the promo or not. The promotion might be finite but millions of mobile users can surely benefit from this, anywhere across the country.

Photo credit: Inquirer

The free mobile internet is limited to 30MB data access per day for each user. Also, all you need to maintain is a P1 balance so you can access the web. Easy, isn’t it?

MVP even said that the volume of usage or data caps could be increased, depending on the data they gather during the trial period.

A Life-changing Announcement

Thanks to this life-changing announcement, many people across the Philippines could now have better, easier access to the internet. People living in the metropolis might not see a huge significance here but it surely brings lots of great opportunities to those living outside the world of expensive iPhones and the latest gadgets.

With free internet, for example, less fortunate people can now have access to the web. Yes, because connecting to the web is not a basic need, these people forego web connections. However, if you want to keep up with the rest of the world, it really is important to have a connection on the web – something that MVP’s announcement makes available.

Photo credit: Remit2Philippines
Photo credit: Remit2Philippines

The free internet connection helps students in their studies, allowing them access to websites such as Wikipedia for research purposes. Of course, no one is stopping them from enjoying some moments on social media, sharing achievements and great moments with friends.

It might already be cliché but the internet connects lives, no matter how physically far or near you are with each other. This would truly be important to people of all ages, whether you just wanted to say “hi” to a friend you have not seen for quite some time (or had said goodbye to a few minutes ago), free internet means you get to enjoy better communication with each other.

An excellent option for long-distance relationships, the free internet connection means you still can exchange messages even when you only have P1 load left on your phone. Not just for lovers, the free internet also connects lives among family members, young and old alike. Of course, you might have to teach grandma how to use a smartphone for that – but wouldn’t that be truly wonderful? That you can connect with family members living far or near?

This offer from Smart’s tri-network pushes technology forward, allowing anyone to have access to the internet. Just imagine someone living in a remote barangay with no access to an internet café or a connection at home.

Photo credit: Tawag Philippines
Photo credit: Tawag Philippines

With this promo, people living in hinter and remote barangays can now connect to the web, as long as the area is already reached by the network’s signal. Now, considering that Smart has continually increased its coverage across the country, many of these remote areas now have cellular connection – in turn, this mobile connection could now connect them to the rest of the world, for free!

Rich and poor alike could now have access to technology, because there really are no restrictions as to what status you have in life – thanks to the free internet!

Truly, Smart’s free internet is a life-changing announcement for us all.

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