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Pia Magalona tells Elmo’s fans not to worry

Pia Magalona tells Elmo’s fans not to worry

  • Elmo Magalona’s fan tweeted Pia Magalona, showing her support for the young actor.
  • Pia Magalona told the fan not to worry.

In the midst of Elmo Magalona’s silence regarding Jenella Salvador’s accusation about physical abuse, his mother, Pia Magalona, left a short message in response to a netizen’s worry.

Last week, a supporter of Elmo tweeted Pia, saying that she’s worried about the well-being of the actor especially now that he’s in the center of the controversy.

The fan added that she knows that the young actor is the victim in the situation.

@piamagalona Tita how is Moe? I am terribly worried about him with these interviews, bashing, articles…I know he is the victim, not the instigator. Tell him I love him to see him destroyed like this? Thanks Tita..Tia Rose

Pia then answered and said “Don’t worry”.

Thanks Tita Rose. Don’t worry…

Aside from the said reply and a few cryptic messages from her account, Pia has not yet directly addressed the issue. She has been continuously active in her Instagram and Twitter accounts but has remained quiet when asked about Janella’s statements.

Pia’s posts have earned mixed comments from the netizens, with some urging her to address her son’s issue, and others pass on their messages of support for Elmo.

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Pia Magalona tweets cryptic messages amid Elmo Magalona, Janella Salvador issue

Pia Magalona tweets cryptic messages amid Elmo Magalona, Janella Salvador issue

  • Pia Magalona tweeted vague tweets after Janella Salvador went public that Elmo Magalona allegedly hurt her twice. 
  • Pia’s tweets pertained to subjects such as fake news and mental illness.

Elmo Magalona remains mum about Janella Salvador’s statements regarding his alleged physical abuse towards the actress.

But Elmo’s mother, Pia Magalona, tweeted messages on October 23, seemingly connected to the issue the day that Janella’s side of the story got published.

“Sorry. Those are not real problems.” -Josh Chan’s mom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, S03E09 #Netflix

She also tweeted something about ‘fake news’ and its causes.

“‘Fake news’ and other forms of disinformation are not accidents of information technology; they are human decisions, and follow a certain if cruel logic. Again, the 3Ds: Deliberateness. Disguise. Deception.”

And the last one addressing a mental illness called borderline personality disorder, wherein one’s admiration shifts to dislike or hatred.

In borderline personality disorder, devaluation often alternates with idealization. They may shift from great admiration for a loved one — idealization of that person — to an intense anger or dislike towards that person — devaluation of that person.

A few days ago, Janella broke her silence about the bruises that were seen in one of her friends Julia Barretto’s Instagram stories.

She stated that it was not because of an accident and she has decided to tell the truth to stop the spread of lies.

“It was not the first time that he hurt me.

“The first time happened months earlier. He claimed that he didn’t remember what he did, maybe because he had a drink, and he asked for forgiveness and I gave him a chance. I told him, ‘Next time, don’t bring yourself to the point that you will hurt someone.’ He promised naman that he wouldn’t do it again.” 

“My purpose in speaking now is not to shame him or to put him down; I just want to correct the lies being spread against me and my mom, and to let the truth out. I thought long and hard before I decided to speak out. I gave (Elmo) the chance to speak up and own up to what he did but it seems that somebody is stopping him from doing it.”

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Are Elmo Magalona and Paul Salas’ careers in danger after battering accusations?

Are Elmo Magalona and Paul Salas’ careers in danger after battering accusations?

  • Elmo Magalona and Paul Salas got accused of physical abuse.
  • Despite allegations, both boys have decided not to comment on the matter.

Young stars Elmo Magalona and Paul Salas are just two of the most talked-about personalities of this generation. But recently, these two weren’t just trending because of their impressive projects, but also because of accusations made against them.

Elmo and Paul are both alleged to have committed battering and hitting their respective girlfriends, namely Janella Salvador and Barbie Imperial.

Paul’s controversy came first as Barbie Imperial, his then partner, posted a series of photos on Instagram with the caption, “No to physical abuse. NEVER AGAIN.”

It included bruises on her body, as well as scratches.

On the other hand, Elmo Magalona is currently in the hot seat for allegedly beating his on-screen partner Janella Salvador. This was after Julia Barretto posted an Instagram Story that showed a big bruise on the actress’ arm.

Janella also posted a tweet about how men should never hurt women, which made netizens think that it was connected to the bruises that she had.

“I think everyone deserves someone who does not hurt them regardless if they’re drunk or not. Men who are raised properly are never supposed to hurt women no matter what. :)”

Adding to this, Janella’s mom also posted a photo on Instagram saying that there’s only one truth in every story.

Truth is always objective. Based on facts. It is never subjective. There is only one truth in every story. It remains consistent, steadfast & congruent with facts. Any deviation from that just becomes a mere opinion, which is formed by one’s perception of info plus personal judgement. #NOtophysicalviolence #NOtomenwhophysicallyabusewomen #justiceforjanella

Both young men have decided to stay mum regarding the allegations and people have been implying that their decision to keep quiet about the matter may affect their careers. It may result to the issue hounding them for a long time.

It can be noted that both actors have changed their home networks in the past, with Paul transferring from ABS-CBN to GMA 7, and Elmo from being a Kapuso to being a full-time Kapamilya.

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Janella Salvador describes her ideal boyfriend

Janella Salvador describes her ideal boyfriend

  • Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake takes lead for Regal Films’ So Connected
  • So Connected is now showing on cinemas

Regal Films, Inc. is set to turn an odd pairing into an effective and believable tandem with Jameson Blake and Janella Salvador for their upcoming film So Connected.

Do Jameson and Janella connect?

Audience will surely be charmed on the flow of the story from how Karter Calma (Blake) pursues Trisha Biscocho (Salvador) and the sequences that follow are genuine. This is a romantic story of real people and very relatable. Audience will get hooked without getting distracted because the main leads are not superficial in portraying their roles. There is magic between Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake onscreen that will ride you to their journey of falling in love. By a twist of fate, the phone falls into the hands of Trisha (Janella), an independent young woman trying to support her family. Through modern technology, Karter gets a glimpse of Trisha’s life in videos and photos uploaded in the online world and finds himself slowly falling for her and then resolves to find her.

Janella’s ideal man

With the hints of going solo, Janella sees her rumored separation with Elmo Magalona as an opportunity to become a more versatile actress. She said (hypothetically) that just because their loveteam ElNella will no longer be a thing, doesn’t mean that whatever relationship she has with Elmo will also fall down. Despite the issue, Janella is hopeful that her newest film, So Connected, will perform well in terms of box office turnout.

In an interview, the Oh My G! actress details the man of her dreams.

“Somewhone who, no matter what happens, will not give up–despite any circumstance,” she hinted. “Someone who will truly love me,” Janella added.

Support Janella and Jameson’s undeniable chemistry as ‘So Connected’ hits the cinemas on May 23. The film is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana and starred by Paulo Angeles, Krystal Brimmer, Cherise Castro, Ruby Rodriguez, Rolando Inocencio and many more.

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