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Husbands who do household chores live longer study says

Husbands who do household chores live longer study says

  • Men who do household chores live longer than those who don’t
  • Men who help out also benefit their marriage in the long run

Whether it is in movies or in real life, women have been associated with the stay at home and do household chores stereotype. But to those men who are concerned about their overall health, this might make them help their wives out more.

Dr. Huang Wei Li, a doctor based in Taiwan says a recent study suggests that men who help out with household chores tend to live longer than those who don’t.

Men who also help out tend to have higher levels of emotional quotient (EQ), a healthier body, and healthier lifestyle.

Good Times Magazine says that a husband is emotionally intelligent and knows how to handle stress if they help out doing chores after arriving from work.

This also benefits the relationship in the long run because they have the ability to empathize.

Furthermore, Huang added, “Washing clothes, mopping floors, doing the dishes, these are all forms of exercises and they are great to be done especially after dinner.”

Huang also said that men who do chores instead of hanging out with friends after work indicate a healthy lifestyle.

“Don’t just sit on the sofa and watch television. After sitting in your office for a long time, it is best to move around by doing the household chores which will reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular disease.”

Being active at home is good because you exercise and at the same time contribute to cleaning.

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Marine student photographed washing dishes inside the market while still in uniform

Marine student photographed washing dishes inside the market while still in uniform


While many students avoid doing household chores because they are “too busy” or ashamed to do things they feel would make them appear “poor,” one marine student from Our Lady of Fatima University CME in Karuhatan, Valenzuela City is the exact opposite.

According to a viral post on Facebook shared by netizen Gerald Cris A. Bolanio, this student is often seen at this particular spot in the market, helping his parents sell porridge during evenings. Since the area transforms into a vegetable and fruit market during the day, this student could only be seen in the market at night.

Netizens were impressed by how the student diligently washed dishes, not even sparing time to change out of his uniform. It also appeared as if he was not ashamed of doing such a humble task, knowing that his parents put in every effort to send him to school. Bolanio pointed out that the school’s tuitions fees are pricey.

To date, Bolanio’s post has garnered over 40k likes on Facebook. Several netizens also shared similar stories as well as posted words of encouragement for the student, urging him to continue helping his parents and being hardworking in school so he can graduate and become successful someday…


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