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Bayambang Mayor Niña Jose addresses disrespect from youth

In an update, Niña mentioned that she had spoken to one of the students and their guardian, who issued an apology.

Bayambang, Pangasinan Mayor Niña Jose has spoken out against what she describes as disrespectful behavior from some of the town’s young residents.

In a series of strongly worded statements, the former ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1’ housemate called out the youth for what she views as mocking her education and referring to her as “engot” (fool).

Niña took to Facebook to share screenshots of her interactions with these students, drawing attention to the issue.

One male student, in a sarcastic comment, questioned whether she had completed second grade. In response, Niña pointed out that she holds a Master’s degree and criticized the student for lacking respect.

Another student labeled her as “engot,” to which Niña retorted that the student lacked respect, addressing him as “boy.”

Expanding on her sentiments, Niña stressed the importance of instilling good manners and right conduct (GMRC) in today’s youth and expressed disappointment at the lack of respect displayed by many.

She accused some young people of having an entitlement mentality and urged them to learn respect, stating, “Masyado kayo feeling entitled! Learn how to RESPECT people, boy!”

Niña issued a warning that she would identify the students and have conversations with their parents. She made it clear that she wouldn’t tolerate such behavior.

Furthermore, she cautioned anyone who attacks or belittles her in this manner that she would publicly expose their profiles.

Niña emphasized that no one, regardless of their position, should be subjected to disrespect. She concluded by encouraging those who disagree with her posts to unfollow her on Facebook.

In an update, Niña mentioned that she had spoken to one of the students and their guardian, who issued an apology.

Niña underscored that her frustration doesn’t stem from her role as mayor but from what she sees as a general lack of respect among many young people today. She believes it’s crucial for these individuals to learn humility and take responsibility for their actions.

By bringing the issue to light, Niña hopes to teach these young people the value of humility and accountability.

She ended by emphasizing that no one, under any circumstances, should be allowed to disrespect another human being. She refused to tolerate such behavior, as she believes it only perpetuates bad manners.

Niña Jose, born Mary Clare Judith Phyllis Atienza Jose on August 26, 1988, is a Filipina actress and politician who has served as the mayor of Bayambang since 2022. In 2006, she participated in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1 and is currently a contract actress for the ABS-CBN television network.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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