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‘Biktima rin ako rito e!’ Gun-toting driver in viral road rage incident claims self-defense, netizens respond

Gonzales, however, contended that he entered the bike lane to request the cyclist to stop.

Wilfredo Gonzales, the central figure in a widely circulated road rage incident, defended his actions during a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

Gonzales, a former police officer who recently lost his job at the Supreme Court, contended that he brandished a firearm during a dispute with a cyclist as an act of self-defense. He further asserted that he, too, was a victim in the situation.

“Biktima rin ako rito e (I’m also a victim here). Nawalan ako ng trabaho. Dinaanan ako ng mga pangyayari sa social media, ang mga anak ko, pamilya ko. Kung hindi nila sinaktan ang kotse ko, baka kung bumangga lang sila sa bumper ko, maiintindihan ko pa,” Gonzales said during the hearing.

Gonzales, who is 61 years old, alleged that cyclist Allan Bandiola struck his sedan with a heavy glove, causing damage to the vehicle’s left side during the incident that transpired on August 8.

He also accused the cyclist of hurling insults and taunting him with phrases like “Humabol ka kung kaya mo” (Chase me if you can).

Bandiola refuted these allegations and maintained that he merely tapped the vehicle to avoid colliding with bystanders when it entered the bike lane. He explained that Gonzales repeatedly veered into the bike lane and made an abrupt stop, resulting in Bandiola grazing the vehicle with his handlebar.

“If someone hit Mr. Gonzales’s car, it probably wasn’t me. Maybe he only saw me, so I was confronted,” Bandiola said.

Gonzales, however, contended that he entered the bike lane to request the cyclist to stop. “As a former authority figure, I just wanted to implement our citizen’s arrest because my car was struck, and I was cursed right in front of me. I couldn’t see any police officers around. If I had seen one, I would have asked them to arrest him,” he explained.

“I apologize to everyone for not being able to control myself from retaliating by striking him because the chase we had was lengthy. It hurt me when my car was hit, and I was given the middle finger,” he continued.

When queried about his reaction, the cyclist said, “It’s just a normal reaction when someone strikes us… anyone would have confronted him.”

Gonzales admitted that he brandished his gun at this juncture. “My intention then was to draw my gun and prepare it because he was charging at me… I was merely defending myself. The gun was at a 45-degree angle… if we wanted to disable the person,” he elucidated.

Nevertheless, Sen. Ronald Dela Rosa contended, “Even if you didn’t point it, you were still gun-toting. You’re a policeman, right? Once you hold a gun, whether you point it at someone or not in front of people, you’re still gun-toting.”

Gonzales responded, “Yes, your honor. I apologize for that part, for striking him and drawing my gun.”

“I apologize to everyone… that was my fault, I was caught off guard. My thought at that time was to defend myself because I’m not that strong. I’ve had spine surgery,” he expressed.

Netizens swiftly responded to Gonzales’s assertions, with many expressing their exasperation, especially in light of his self-victimization stance.

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