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Mariel Rodriguez’s past comments resurface amidst her return to GMA Network

Netizens once again revisited Mariel Rodriguez’s past comments inside the ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ house after her return to GMA Network.

As Mariel Rodriguez made her comeback to GMA Network, netizens were quick to revisit her past comments during her stint inside the ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ house back in 2007.

The Kapuso fans, in particular, were struck by her candid remarks about GMA Network, making the incident a hot topic once again in social media circles.

In a video recorded on October 18, 2007, during the show’s livestream, Mariel was seen styling the hair of former housemate Megan Young. Amidst the casual conversation, the two delved into showbiz matters, eventually discussing GMA Network, the rival station of ABS-CBN.

Megan Young shared, “Grabe, sobrang nag-iba ang hitsura ko, yun nga, since nag-start ako. Nung nag-StarStruck ako sobrang payat…”

Without hesitation, Mariel interjected, “Alam mo, parang better ka na naman now kaysa noong mga days na ’yon. Kasi baduy sa GMA, aminin na natin. Come on it’s true, di ba?”

After making this bold statement, Mariel appeared surprised and exclaimed, “Sh*t, baka naririnig ako, ito na naman ako.”

Concerned about her comments, Mariel suggested that her words might not be aired on television, to which Megan reassured her that it might not be shown on the 24/7 livestream.

“Pero malay mo sa 24/7 akala nila wholesome ang mga ginagawa natin, nagpla-plantsa biglang… Ang baduy-baduy,” Mariel responded.


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She then asked Megan to name someone at GMA Network whom she doesn’t find corny, but Megan opted not to provide a name.

Their conversation took a different turn when Megan mentioned that she has only a few friends at GMA Network due to the prevalence of backstabbers in the network.

Mariel added, “Sobrang konti lang ng friends ko dun [GMA Network], e. Kasi parang I tried to keep my circle small kasi ang daming mang-aaway dun [GMA Network].”

Before the topic changed again, Mariel commented, “At saka ang daming plastik pala sa showbiz, ’no? I didn’t realize it.”


PBB Mariel and Megan convo 2. #pbb #foryoupage #foryou #viral #fyp #TikTokPH #kapuso #abscbn #pinoybigbrother

♬ original sound – it’s_me_EEE – it’s_me_EEE

Mariel’s remarks resurfaced as she returned to the GMA Network, sparking reactions from netizens, particularly Kapuso fans. The incident serves as a reminder of the power of social media in bringing past events back into the limelight.

Despite the resurfacing controversy, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla remains a celebrated television host and a successful celebrity entrepreneur. In a recent interview with Boy Abunda, Mariel spoke about her journey in showbiz, her role as a mother and wife to Senator Robin Padilla, and her passion for hosting.

Indeed, Mariel’s career has come a long way since her Extra Challenge days in GMA Network, and as she embraces her new chapter with the network, her fans continue to stand by her side, cherishing both her successes and candid moments from the past.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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