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Lyca Gairanod showcases resilience in America through Dumpster Diving

Despite the change in her status as a showbiz personality, Lyca’s actions spoke volumes about her resilience and compassion for her family’s well-being.

In a heartwarming display of her unwavering roots, Filipino singer Lyca Gairanod, known for her exceptional voice and inspiring journey from a humble background to stardom, recently caught the attention of netizens and fans when she showcased her resourcefulness in America through “dumpster diving.

Lyca, who rose to fame after winning the first season of The Voice Kids in the Philippines, is currently in the United States as a special guest for Arthur Nery’s U.S. and Canada tour. Despite the glamorous world of showbiz, the young star remains grounded and true to her upbringing, emphasizing the value of hard work and determination.

In a heartwarming video she shared on her social media accounts, Lyca was seen exploring a steel dumpster in San Diego, California. This practice, known as “dumpster diving,” involves salvaging discarded items that others may overlook, believing they still hold value. For many underprivileged individuals in the Philippines, scavenging recyclables from garbage serves as a means of livelihood.

Despite the change in her status as a showbiz personality, Lyca’s actions spoke volumes about her resilience and compassion for her family’s well-being. The video showcased her searching for items that she could bring back to the Philippines for her loved ones. Viewers admired her humility and down-to-earth attitude, appreciating that fame has not diminished her empathy for the less fortunate.

However, amidst the praise, concerned viewers also pointed out the importance of safety precautions while scavenging. They urged Lyca to wear protective gloves to shield herself from potential health risks while handling discarded items. Many also emphasized the need to use alcohol or hand sanitizers to maintain proper hygiene.

Lyca’s actions serve as a testament to her enduring spirit, resourcefulness, and resilience, highlighting her commitment to providing for her family’s welfare, even in a foreign country. Her decision to explore the concept of dumpster diving in the United States resonated with many, as it reflected the enduring Filipino values of hard work and care for others.

Lyca’s journey from a simple life in Tanza, Cavite, to an international performer and advocate for her family’s well-being continues to inspire millions. Her dedication to showcasing her roots while embracing new opportunities exemplifies the strength and character of a true artist and role model.

As Lyca continues to charm audiences with her talent and humility, her recent act of dumpster diving stands as a reminder that no matter how far she travels or how bright her star shines, her heart remains firmly rooted in her Filipino heritage.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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