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LOOK: Lai Austria insists that ‘Dingdong’ is “delicious”

The photo was shared by Austria on Facebook that shows her with Dantes on the set of Family Feud.

TikTok star Lai Austria couldn’t stop teasing actor and Family Feud host Dingdong Dantes.

In a Facebook post, she shared a photo of her in her undies eating a snack called “Dingdong.”

Her followers found it funny but most netizens called her disrespectful since Dantes is married to Marian Rivera.

This is the second time Austria has posted about Dantes, the first time being recently when she was a contestant on Family Feud.

The caption was what caught netizens’ attention. Austria wrote, “Wait nyo ung sc*ndal namin.”

This didn’t sit well with netizens, and Rivera trended on social media immediately.

It has been rumored before that Rivera was confrontational with fellow actress Bela Padilla because of jealousy.

Austria appeared on the 214th episode of Family Feud titled “Lakas vs Ganda.”

Austria has gained a large following across various social media platforms. She has also garnered public attention for her rumored relationship with actor and model Rob Moya.

Written by Charles Teves

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