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Cristy Fermin says Moira dela Torre’s concert eclipsed Toni Gonzaga’s

On YouTube, Fermin decided to compare the two events. Talking to Romel Chika, Fermin said that Dela Torre made Gonzaga “eat her dust”.

Veteran columnist Cristy Fermin has compared the recent concerts of singer Moira dela Torre and actress Toni Gonzaga.

Both concerts were held at the Araneta Coliseum, Gonzaga’s being her anniversary in the entertainment industry.

On YouTube, Fermin decided to compare the two events. Talking to Romel Chika, Fermin said that Dela Torre made Gonzaga “eat her dust.”

She said that Dela Torre’s concert was organically sold out as the venue was “filled to the rafters.”

“Ang totoo, ang totoong-totoo ay pinakain po ng alikabok ni Moira dela Torre si Toni Gonzaga sa pagso-show niya sa Araneta Coliseum. Punong-puno, Romel, filled to the rafters ika nga,” she said.

Fermin also said that it was almost impossible not to compare the two concerts.

“Dito po, hindi natin maiiwasan ang pagkukumpara dahil totoo naman po kasi na sold out po, ito ang tunay na sold out na masasabi. Hindi pinamigay, hindi pinakyaw para ipamigay, ito po ay binili ng ating mga kababayan sa kagustuhan nilang masaksihan ang concert talaga ni Moira dela Torre,” she added.

She noted that Gonzaga was also missing notes while Moira kept the crowd entertained.  The columnist remarked, “Sa nakaraan niyang concert, napakaraming pumuna na mismong pinasikat na niyang kanta, ay hindi niya naawit nang maayos at sintunado siya. At si Moira, sabihin nang nakakaantok, sa ikatlong kanta palang ay matutulog ka na, mahihimbing ka na, hindi po. Ayan po o, punong punong punong po ang Araneta Coliseum.”

Fermin also highlighted that tickets to the Gonzaga concert weren’t selling well until a day before the concert when someone bought them out.

She concluded, “Dalawang araw na bokya, walang bumili diba? Dalawang araw yun, tas bigla na lang nagulat ang Araneta, biglang may pumapakyaw ng daan-daang ticket. Nako, magpakatotoo po tayo,”

Netizens also made comparisons.

Gonzaga’s concert on January 20 was filled with doubts because of her political affiliations leading up to her performance. Another reason why people didn’t expect the concert to sell was that people didn’t have money coming out of the holidays.

Many expected it to flop, but based on official figures, the concert did well. However, this didn’t come without controversy. Netizens have claimed that tickets to the concert were being given out for free.

Furthermore, people claimed that Gonzaga’s mother bought large amounts of tickets, leading them to believe that the sold-out Coliseum was not legitimate.

Written by Charles Teves

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