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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte described the jetski promise as a ‘joke,’ those who believed in it are ‘stupid’; fisherman who asked the question reacts

In 2016, he pledged to ride a jetski to the West Philippine Sea and plant a Philippine flag there himself.

President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that the promise that he made during his 2016 election campaign was only a “pure campaign joke” and those who believed it were “stupid.”

In 2016, he pledged to ride a jetski to the West Philippine Sea and plant a Philippine flag there himself.

However, during a televised address on May 10, he stated that it was a joke and if one believed in it, he’d say that they are “really stupid.”

“Panahon ‘yan sa kampanya ‘yan. At saka ‘yung biro na ‘yun, ‘yung bravado ko, it was a pure campaign joke at kung naniniwala kayo sa kabila, I would say you are really stupid,” he uttered.

He added that he planned to fulfill his promise and bought a second-hand jetski but didn’t have the chance to do it as some parts that he ordered never arrived.

“Nagplano ako niyan. Bumili ako ng jet ski. Ang kaya ko, second-hand lang. So nag order ako ng piyesa, hanggang ngayon, hindi pa dumating since then. Eh walang dumating, wala akong magawa.

“Mahirap ito…. Alam ba ninyo hindi ako marunong maglangoy?”

Netizens criticized the President as his 2016 pledge was supposedly an answer to a fisherman’s question, asking Duterte what he would do to protect their right to make a living.

A Twitter account also used satire to point out Duterte’s act.

News anchor Karen Davila pointed out that the President made his jetski pledge during the 2016 ABS-CBN Presidential debate.

Anjo Bagaoisan quoted the fisherman’s question five years ago.

“Reminder that it wasn’t just some part of a campaign speech. It was the answer to an audience question coming from a fisherman asking what the candidates would do about the harassment the fishermen were experiencing from the Chinese,” Noel Pascual wrote.

Quark Henares asked if what Duterte did can be considered gaslighting.

Teddy Casino pointed out that the issue is not about the joke but about the President’s “treasonous kowtowing to China.”

A Netizen urged the President to apologize rather than calling people names.

Someone also said that Duterte’s whole term as President is a “joke.”

After 5 years, Carlo Montehermezo, the fisherman who asked the question during the presidential debates shared his reactions regarding the president’s “stupid” remark.

“Masama ang loob namin. ‘Yun ang sinasabi niyang gagawin niya. Bakit joke joke lang? Joke joke lang din siyang naging presidente natin.”

Duterte also claimed that he never promised to retake the West Philippine Sea during his campaign.

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