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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte tells VP Leni Robredo to ‘die’, calls her out for having ‘angel face but devilish mind’; netizens, journos react

It seems Duterte cannot keep his mouth from spewing insults—and RTVM’s editors have had enough of cutting them out of the televised edits.

President Rodrigo Duterte just made the rift between himself and Vice President Leni Robredo even bigger after telling the vice president to “just go and die” on live television.

In a public address aired on March 1, Duterte would go on another tirade against the vice president for calling him out on Sinovac not securing a recommendation from the Health Technology and Assessment Council.

Duterte was fuming as he spat insults at Robredo, calling the vice president out for “making an idiotic stance” while trying to defend the administration’s rollout of Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccine.

He also said Robredo was merely trying to be relevant, implying that he has no plans of including Robredo in any action taken by his administration.

He also told Robredo that she had “an angel face but a devilish mind”—while at the same time seemingly admitting he had indeed been inoculated with Sinopharm ahead of everyone else.

In the same televised briefing, Duterte would also tell Robredo to “get a basket and try to get COVID-19 vaccines”, even going as far as saying he will give the vice president the money to pay for them.

These would trigger reactions from netizens, including celebrities and journalists, who believe the President once again did not show proper decorum—including US-based journalist Barnaby Lo.

Others would clap back at the president, saying we could also tell him to die.

Award-winning writer Ogie Rosa would call out the president’s supporters, point out how his actions would trickle down to some of his most influential defenders.

Political blogger Jover Laure pitied those who were tasked with editing out Duterte’s tirades.

Former PTV4 anchor Jules Guiang commented on how Filipinos have seemingly been desensitized to Duterte’s tirades on live TV, especially when it concerns Robredo.

Pia Magalona pointed out how Duterte said Robredo was only out to “provoke him” into saying things that are inappropriate.

Most netizens agreed that Duterte has been taking things too far in dealing with critics, especially when it comes to the Vice President.

Duterte previously called out Robredo for the latter’s comments on his way of handling Philippine-US relations, particularly with the Visiting Forces Agreement.

Duterte told Robredo that she should know better as she is a lawyer who knows the Philippine constitution, and that she needed to “study more” before running for the presidency.

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