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Isolated case or proof of impunity: Raffy Tima, netizens question police impunity after ‘tanim baril’ modus surfaces anew

Will this be another case of PNP chief Debold Sinas crying “isolated case” and the Palace coming to his rescue?

The integrity of the Philippine National Police (PNP) has once again been brought into question after a case of planting evidence made rounds on the internet.

A report from GMA News cites an amateur video catching a police officer in the act of leaving a gun beside a slain drug suspect’s body.

Official police reports cite it as another case of a drug suspect resisting arrest, though the video begs to differ.

PNP spokesperson Police Brigadier General Ildebrandi Usana has said they would have asked the officer in question to explain themselves, but Police Corporal Benzon Gonzales—the officer in the viral video—was killed in an accident just days after the operation.

Netizens were not impressed, including journalist Raffy Tima who called out the PNP ahead of another possible claim of an “isolated case”.

Some netizens even pointed the blame at President Rodrigo Duterte for repeatedly issuing shoot-to-kill orders for “his errand boys”.

Some netizens even brought up the angle of convenience that PCpl Gonzales died in an accident a few days later.

Journalist Atom Araullo noted how the meaning of the word “nanlaban” has changed—from actually resisting arrest to straight out “salvage”, the Filipino term for summary execution.

Another journalist, Nonoy Espina, would agree with Araullo.

This is yet another case of police officers “taking out their frustration” and getting caught on camera firing round after round.

Back in December, a police officer was caught popping two bullets into the heads of Sonia and Frank Gregorio—both of whom were unarmed.

Cases of suspects dying after resisting arrest have risen since Duterte became president after giving an order to officers to kill those who resist arrest in drug operations.

Will Duterte’s legacy be “kill kill kill” as implied by Malacañang after Duterte gave the order to kill off armed communist rebels?

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