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Netizen encounters a ghost inside a UV Express?

He said that he was the last passenger in the van when the driver suddenly asked a supposed other passenger if she was heading in the same location.

What will you do if the driver of the UV Express you’re on suddenly asks someone else about their destination when you’re the only one left in the van?

A Facebook user named Kevin Baldelobar knows the feeling a little too well. His post went viral after he shared the hair-raising moment he experienced when riding a UV Express.

He said that it was about 9:40 PM when they were making their way along Regalado Avenue, Quezon City. The driver then asked him about his destination and confirmed it. He was obviously the last passenger in the van, however, the driver suddenly asked a lady at the back if she had the same destination.

Kevin then stared at the driver before looking behind him if there was really someone there.

“Napatitig ako kay Kuyang driver at napatingin din ako sa upuan sa likod ko,” the Facebook user wrote.

But before he gets his chance to react, the driver immediately said that he’s just kidding. Talk about false alarm!

“Tatalon na sana ako. Buti sinundan nya ng, ‘joke lang, sir’, sabay tawa.”

The post got more than 186,000 shares on Facebook and 11,000 comments of either laughing at the driver’s joke or questioning if the driver was really kidding or not.

9:40 PM. Regalado Ave., Quezon City. Mag-isa nalang akong pasahero. Tapos sabi ng driver, “SM ka, Sir?”, oo lang ako….

Posted by Kevin Baldelobar on Monday, February 15, 2021

Written by J M

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