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Vatican suggests priests sprinkle ash on heads for Ash Wednesday

Netizens then poked fun at the image of the priest sprinkling ashes on one’s head.

The celebration of Ash Wednesday will be held while maintaining the “contactless” protocols of the government as a part of its COVID-19 relief.

The Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments asked priests to take precautions this year when distributing the ashes on Ash Wednesday on February 17.

According to Bishop Broderick Pabilllo, the ashes are going to be sprinkled on heads rather than applied on the forehead. He is the apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Manila.

“Galing sa Vatican, nagkaroon ng instruction at ganun din sa CBCP (Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines) na sa Ash Wednesday, sa halip na ilagay sa noo ay bubudburan na lang ng abo ang kanilang mga ulo. Wala nang contact. Lalapit sila at bubudburan ng abo ang kanilang ulo,” Pabillio stated.

Netizens then reacted to the news. While some are suggesting for the religious event to be canceled in the meantime, others poked fun at Vatican’s suggestion.

Another even included a GIF of Carmina Villaroel throwing dirt.

Someone also compared it to sprinkling pepper and salt when cooking food.

“We goin’ for some salt bae action,” said a Twitter user.

It can also be parmesan.

A netizen then described the as to be a “dark mode” dandruff.

On the more serious side, people encouraged the event to be held online as it’s still not safe to hold gatherings.

While another genuinely asked the difference between making a cross on the forehead vs. sprinkling the ashes.

Aside from the adjustments when it comes to the holy week celebration, the Vatican also reminded priests to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth.

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