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Decorated poet, screenwriter Jerry Gracio calls out Toni Gonzaga for ‘apologizing’ for evicted PBB housemate Russu Laurente

As Toni asks people to forgive Russu for his opinions in the past, Jerry asks people to never forget.

One can always forgive, but one should never forget. At least, that’s the takeway from two of the best from the Kapamilya network.

Decorated Kapamilya screenwriter and poet Jerry Gracio recently tried to slap some sense into Pinoy Big Brother host Toni Gonzaga with a well-written tweet.

In his tweet, Gracio called out the PBB host in her attempt to have Kapamilya employees and fans forgive recent PBB evictee Russu Laurente through an Instagram post.

Gracio said Gonzaga had no right to ask for forgiveness on behalf of a housemate who wanted ABS-CBN to be closed down for good.

He also said Toni’s attempt at letting people know of Russu’s side of the story was an insult to all the Kapamilyas who “fought for yet still lost their jobs”, and that unlike them, she was able to keep hers.

Netizens @krizzy_kalerqui and @ItsACsLife have also called out Gonzaga, labeling her a Duterte Diehard Supporter or DDS who can “defend a fellow DDS” yet fail to speak up to defend her home network.

She also called Gonzaga a “Marcos apologist”.

@ItsACsLife, on the other hand, expressed regret at having watched Gonzaga’s film You Are The One in cinemas after sharing a post from political blogger Jover Laurio, also known as PinoyAkoBlog.

In her IG post, Gonzaga said “people have crucified him on social media” after it was revealed that the Twitter handle @russulaurente was actually his, and he was the one who tweeted #YestoABSCBNShutdown back in 2020.

The NTC issued a cease-and-desist order against ABS-CBN after their franchise finally expired on May 4, 2020. A series of hearings at the House of Representatives would then ensue, with the network’s attempt at renewal being rejected by 70 congressmen.

President Rodrigo Duterte has yet to admit he had a hand in the non-renewal of ABS-CBN’s legislative franchise, even with his many statements saying otherwise.

As far as Gonzaga is concerned, however, Russu remains a “child” at 19 years of age and says he deserves a second chance.

Kapamilyas everywhere, however, may not have the same thoughts. Even her co-host, Robi Domingo, says “we can forgive, but we will not forget.”

“Ito yung tinig ng mga nawalan,” said Domingo.

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