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Woman asks if she ruined her boyfriend’s rice

Commenters then stated that there’s a reason why different types of rice are meant to be separated. 

  • A Reddit user claimed that she was doing her boyfriend a favor by putting all the types of rice in a single container.

On popular online forum Reddit, you can find all sorts of things. From memes, stories, and even people asking for advice. All categories are grouped in “sub-reddits” to make it easier for its users to browse or navigate through its wide variety of topics.

In the subreddit Am I the Asshole, a user shared her dilemma of not knowing if she was the one in the wrong or if she was doing something right.

“[Am I the asshole] for ‘ruining’ the rice that my boyfriend cooks with by consolidating the multiple bags of rice which he claims are ‘different’ into a single container?” she asked.

She proceeded to tell their situation of living together since the start of the year. Since then, she found out that her boyfriend is disorganized so she does him a favor by tidying things up. But instead of being grateful, her boyfriend complained and said that she’s misplacing things.

“He keeps telling me to stop moving his things around, but we live here together so I don’t see why I should stop doing that.”

As her boyfriend is the one that does most of the cooking, she noticed that he has several bags of rice in their kitchen. He claimed that they’re all different types of rice but she just can’t seem to get the point.

“I told him that he should put it in a proper container, but he insists that it’s just fine the way it is. But the thing is, I don’t think that it’s fine the way it is.”

One day, she decided to take the matters to her own hands and went with combining all the different types of rice into one huge tub. And when she informed him of what she has done, he got angry and accused her of ruining the rice. He then proceeded to explain that the basmati rice can’t be mixed with the jasmine rice.

“But it’s all just white rice! I don’t see how it’s any less edible,” she said.

A commenter explained that the reason why different types of rice can’t be mixed (even if they’re all just white rice) is that they require a specific water measurement and cooking time.

“Basmati and Jasmine rice require different amounts of water and cooking time. You ruined his rice,” they said.

“You’re the asshole because you were specifically told that the rice is different, but for some reason [you] decided that your boyfriend was lying and didn’t even consult him before you mixed the rice.”

AITA for "ruining" the rice that my boyfriend cooks with by consolidating the multiple bags of rice which he claims are "different" into a single container? from AmItheAsshole

Another user also accused the girlfriend of being a selfish person.

“She has been told multiple times that must no move certain things but she still do it and gets offended when his (sic) boyfriend gets angry at her. I seriously don’t understand that kind of people! Is there something bad in their brain or what? Why can’t they understand what ‘no’ means?”

The post now has 8,000 upvotes in the website.

Written by J M

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