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Netizens praise Netflix series for ridiculing Imelda Marcos

She mentioned former first lady Imelda Marcos’ shell collection which was shown to her during that time. 

  • Netizens were amused by one of the scenes in Netflix The Crown’s fourth season.
  • In one of its episodes, Princess Margaret was telling the royal family about her visit to Manila.

Netizens were amused by Netflix’s portrayal of former first lady Imelda Marcos in the latest season of the hit series The Crown.

In one of the episodes of the show’s fourth season, Princess Margaret – who is played by actress Helena Bonham Carter, narrated her experience while visiting Manila.

“So there we are, in Manila, in the middle of a state banquet, when who barges into the room but none other than Imelda. Marcos. She makes a beeline straight to me and says she’s desperate to show me her—wait for it—”

“Shoe collection,” Princess Anne said.

“No,” Princess Margaret answered. “Shell collection.”

Twitter users were amused by the show’s script, saying that it’s a subtle way of “making fun” of Imelda.

A netizen even said that it “made her night.”

Another said that it was the “most satisfying scene” she saw in her life.

“I don’t even watch The Crown [but] I wanted to take a peek because of Princess Diana. I ended up staying for Princess Margaret’s ‘encounter’ with Imelda Marcos,” a Twitter user wrote.

On the other hand, a netizen said that Filipinos don’t need a “white people show about royals” to show what the Marcoses are all about.

Imelda Marcos then trended in the country because of her mention in the popular series.

Some even thanked Netflix for making them laugh after days of disheartening news.

However, not everyone agrees that it was a funny scene as some called it “slander” and it is “not acceptable in any form.”

So is the scene real or not? Well, Princess Margaret did visit the country in April 1980 and she was welcomed by Imelda Marcos at the airport.

The sequence of events was slightly altered to fit the storyline of the show, but she did see the first lady’s collection of seashells during her visit to the Malacanang.

Written by J M

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