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Mary Lite Lamayo bashed for acting like she doesn’t recognize Jose Rizal

Netizens know for a fact that the vlogger was just pretending not recognizing that it was Rizal.

YouTuber Mary Lite Lamayo lost a lot of support after she pretended not to recognize Dr. Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero.

In a deleted video, Mary and her friends played a game wherein they tried guessing famous people by pictures that only showed the upper half of their faces. They called it the ‘GUESS WHO CHALLENGE’.

When it came to Rizal, Mary found it hard to identify him.

“Sino yan? Artista ba yan?” Mary asked her friend.

She also asked if the man in the picture was on TikTok.

Her friend gave her a clue, saying that the man is someone who the Filipino people place in a high standard. She then revealed that it was Jose Rizal with Mary saying that she was just about to drop his name.

However, netizens know for a fact that the vlogger was just pretending not recognizing that it was Rizal.

Obviously, she did it to get more clout, said netizens.

They’re probably right since the YouTuber is getting talked about more on social media.

Many also find it funny because Mary is actually a tourism student.

Some think she’s just not a smart person.

Last June, Mary had to defend herself following observations from viewers saying that her boyfriend Roi Oriondo was playing with her privates in a previous upload.

In a video with another friend, Roi and Mary were getting touchy with each other. She had a pillow on her chest so it wasn’t clear what really was happening. However, at the end of the video, Roi’s hand can be seen placed comfortably behind Mary’s back.

As a response, she said that it wasn’t true that Roi was pleasuring her.

“Alam ko pong may mali kami kasi di po muna namin chineck yung video bago i-upload kasi kahit kami, hindi naman namin napansin yung ganoong nangyari. Hindi rin po kami ganon ka-tanga para i-upload iyon at siraan ang sarili namin. Pero hihingi parin po ako ng pasensya dahil dun sa kinalabasan nung vlog na hindi maganda.” she said.

But netizens said she wasn’t fooling anyone.

Written by Gianni Russo

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