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Did vlogger Mary Lite Lamayo and her boyfriend get caught doing something naughty in a vlog?

YouTube vlogger Mary Lite Lamayo found herself in the middle of a controversy because of a recent video.

  • She was accused of letting her boyfriend touch her private part during a vlog.
  • Lamayo released a statement saying that the rumors are not true. 

When you watch something online, are you the type to notice every single happening in the video? Because if you watched one of YouTube vlogger Mary Lite Lamayo’s videos, you may have noticed something quite naughty.

Viewers and subscribers caught her boyfriend Roi allegedly touching her private parts during a vlog.

A video of the couple with a friend spread like a wildfire on social media platforms as it garnered various reactions from netizens. Some were shocked and disgusted, while others were just plain amused.

Netizens were accusing Lamayo of letting her boyfriend touch her intimately in front of the camera. It can be noted that the two were semi-concealed behind two pillows whenever they were not taking part in the conversation.

They also seemed to be acting giddy and frequently made teasing glances towards each other while their friend talked to the camera. Roi’s hand was also seen behind the legs of Lamayo.

Vlogger breaks her silence.

In a video she uploaded on Twitter, Lamayo said that the allegations regarding her and her boyfriend are not true.

“First of all, gusto ko pong humingi ng sorry sa inyo dahil sa nangyari. Alam ko pong mali yung napanood niyo pero gusto ko lang pong linawin na walang katotohanan lahat ng iyon,” she said.

She admitted that they were wrong for not checking the video just-in-case something doesn’t look quite right. But she added that they’re not stupid enough to ruin themselves on social media.

“Alam ko pong may mali kami kasi di po muna namin chineck yung video bago i-upload kasi kahit kami, hindi naman namin napansin yung ganoong nangyari. Hindi rin po kami ganon ka-tanga para i-upload iyon at siraan ang sarili namin. Pero hihingi parin po ako ng pasensya dahil dun sa kinalabasan nung vlog na hindi maganda.”

Written by Jacks

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