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Is Donald Trump trying to be a Bongbong Marcos?

Filipino netizens noticed the similarity between how Donald Trump is reacting to his competitor’s lead and how Bongbong Marcos took Leni Robredo’s Vice Presidential win.

  • Twitter users joked that Trump is copying Marcos and they share the same brain.

It seems like everyone is on the edge of their seats as the US Presidential race is currently in the process of counting and determining the citizen’s votes.

As the counts for Joe Biden and Donald Trump comes head-to-head with one another, the latter then declared that votes in his favor are starting to “magically disappear” and that the pollsters got it “completely and historically wrong.”

He then proceeded to file a case to stop the vote-counting in Michigan and asked for a recount in Wisconsin. In both states, Biden is the one leading.

This move reminded Filipino netizens of Bongbong Marcos as he challenged the results of the 2016 elections after losing the Vice Presidential seat to Leni Robredo.

A netizen said that the two are similar as they claimed that the elections haven’t been fair and transparent.

“Did Trump hire Bongbong Marcos as an adviser?”

A Twitter user even called Marcos Trump’s Philippine version.

On the other hand, a different user said that Trump is the “American Bongbong Marcos.”

“Si Trump biglang tumatahol ng election fraud ngayong patalo na. Sounds like Bongbong Marcos at ang kanyang pilit na pilit na election protest.”

Another joked that maybe Trump went to Marcos’ “school of electoral intelligence” in the way that they’re similar to the way that they view the elections.

A netizen also said that the two share the same brain.

“Trump is doing a Bongbong Marcos and I’m not surprised.”

After Marcos asked for a recount in Iloilo, Camarines Sur, and Negros Oriental, the tribunal found that Robredo’s lead grew by 15,000 votes after the recount of ballots.

Written by J M

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