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Couple shares how they found love and comfort with each other amid the pandemic

They stated that they’ve had challenges regarding family’s acceptance and career choices while in the relationship.

  • A couple shared how they found each other amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • After six months of dating, the two remained strong and chose to be by each other’s side. 

The country has been under strict community quarantine since March.

While most of us found hobbies or new things we’re interested in learning while the whole world seemed to hit pause, a netizen shared how he found the comfort in a partner during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carlo shared his story with his boyfriend Jay Ar whom he met on Facebook. “While browsing through my [Facebook] notifications, I saw his name in the suggested friends’ list,” he said.

He has seen Jay Ar a few times in the same suggested friends’ list but hesitated on adding him. But this time, it’s quite different. For some reason, he just found himself hitting the “add friend” button even though they’re complete strangers.

“I can’t explain why I added him. Basta I felt something that is not normal when I saw his profile photo.”

There was just something different from Jay Ar that immediately attracted Carlo. The latter even said that none of the people he knew is like this guy.

“[Our first meeting was] so awkward because every town has community restrictions at that time. We had a hard time meeting each other but because he is in [the] medical field, siya gumawa ng way para makapagkita kami,” the young man shared.

The couple has now been together for only six months but has already experienced challenges when it comes to their relationship, especially with Jay Ar’s relatives. While Carlo’s family is accepting of his sexuality, his partner has a different story.

“Sobrang hirap sa kanya kasi even mga relatives nya ayaw sa sexual preference na meron kami. Isa pa sa pinaka nahirapan na tatanggapin kami [ay yung] daddy niya. Kasi siya yung panganay na lalaki at dalawa lang silang lalaki. The rest puro babae na kapatid niya. Kaya ang daddy niya umaasa na mabibigyan sha ng apo.”

With the help of Jay Ar’s older sister, Carlo got close to the former’s family members and it became a way for them to share their story with the parents.

Another challenge that they had was when Jay Ar was supposed to go abroad for his career.

“One thing I can’t forget is yung time na pinapili siya [if aalis] siya ng Philippines para sa career as radiologic technology sa States. Buti nalang hindi inallow ni GOD kasi medyo delikado at sobrang mahirap sa kanya umalis kasi ayaw nya malayo sa family at sa akin,” Carlo wrote.

When asked for a message for his partner, Carlo wrote, “Babe, ang masasabi ko lang isa ka ang blessing na dumating sa buhay ko na kylan man di ko pde ishare kahit kanino.”

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