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Celebrities, netizens react to Marcos Day in Ilocos Norte

The House of Representatives approved the third and final reading of House Bill No. 7317 which designates September 11 as President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos day in Ilocos Norte.

  • Celebrities questioned and opposed the approval of the said holiday.
  • It is said that the bill was filed to “salute to a brilliant man whose visions for the country remains unparalleled.”

Celebrities reacted to the House of Representatives’ approval on the third and final reading that declares September 11 as a special non-working holiday in Ilocos Norte to celebrate the birthday of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Under House Bill No. 7137, it designates Sept. 11 as President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Day in the whole region.

Entertainment personalities questioned the approval of the bill. Nick Villavecer even pointed out that people are easy to forget about the dictator’s ways of ruling the country. He also included the hashtag #NeverForget which is used to oppose the designation of the Marcoses in the government.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith also reacted to the news.

Same with Andoy Ranay.

“We do not honor DICTATORS!” musician Bullet Dumas aired his sentiments regarding the holiday.

Krizzy Kalerqui compared Marcos to President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that the current administration is using their power to honor their own kind.

Paeng Lopez then suggested that someone should file a counter bill naming Sept 11 as a National Embarrassment Day instead like another version of April Fools.

“FUCK THE CONGRESS,” said Juan Miguel Severo.

House Bill No. 7137 is a consolidated bill of House Bill numbers 2218 and 4595 which was filed by Ilocos Norte Representatives Angelo Marcos Barba and Ria Farinas.

Barba said that he filed the bill as a “salute to a brilliant man whose visions for the country remains unparalleled.” He also claimed that the late dictator’s leadership was “ahead” of his time.

“His extraordinary display of leadership and incomparable brilliance serves as an inspiration to his fellow Ilocanos. He is a man of vision, action, and wisdom. Thus, it is only necessary that his life, works, remarkable achievements, and inherent love for his fellow Ilocanos be remembered,” he added.

Ferdinand Marcos served as the President of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. He has placed the country under martial law for nearly a decade and was ousted through People Power Revolution in February 1986.

In 2004, Forbes ranked Marcos as the second most corrupt President in the world.

Written by J M

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