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#LiftHCWDeploymentBan: Do private hospital nurses make less than P6000 per month?

The nurses over there are also on a ‘No patient, no pay’ agreement, according to the nurse’s mother. 

Salary is one of the main concerns of health workers in the Philippines, nurses in particular. According to the DOH, an entry-level registered nurse can expect to make around P8,000 to P13,500 a month, and those who work in private hospitals usually don’t even exceed P10,000.

The fight for a significantly higher wage has been going on for many years, but a win isn’t expected anytime soon.

Netizen Nars Benj posted a screenshot from a frustrated mother who showed how much a nurse can save a month.

The mother shared her child’s payslip, who is a nurse, to the Facebook group Santa Rosa, Laguna Official Forum.

The payslip shows that her child’s daily rate is only P373. With all the deductions, her child makes P2,981.61 every 15 days which amounts to a total of around P5,963.22 per month.

The nurse works at the St. James Hospital, Inc in Sta Rosa, Laguna and is assigned to the Intensive Care Unit department where a COVID-19 patient is getting treatment.

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“Give us what is right and what is due to our Healthcare Workers!” said Nars Benj, and followed it up with “#LiftHCWDeploymentBan!” and “#SG15ForAllNurses!”

The frustrated mother’s post has gone viral, with many nurses sharing the same sentiments about the matter.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration’s (POEA) temporary deployment ban on certain health workers is still active.

The resolution covers the following occupations: medical doctor/physician; nurses; microbiologist; medical technologists; clinical analysts; respiratory therapists; pharmacists; laboratory technician; radiologic technician; nursing assistant/aid; operator of medical equipment; supervisor of health services and personal care; repairman of medical-hospital equipment.

“The deployment of health-care workers included in the list above hereby temporarily suspended until the national state of emergency [NSE] is lifted and until Covid-19 related travel restrictions are lifted at the destination countries,” the POEA GB previously stated in its issuance, which was signed last April 2.

At the start of August, the DOH announced that there is a lack of health professional applicants.

“Unfortunately talagang hirap na hirap kami. Madaming posisyon, may pera ang Bayanihan fund kaya lang walang takers. Wala masyadong nagkukuha ng slots na meron tayo,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said during a virtual briefing.

“Nung una marami talagang takers. Pero ngayon I think nae-exhaust natin especially here in Metro Manila. Kaya tumitingin pa tayo kung anong ways to increase or augment health workers, especially in hospitals,” Vergeire said.

Vergeire also reminded health workers that they are obliged to serve the country.

“Sana sa panahon na ito, oo natatakot tayo pero magbigay trust tayo na aalagaan naman kayo. Pangalawa ‘yun lang commitment na para makatulong sa bayan,” she said.

The Philippines has now 130,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Written by Charles Teves

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