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‘Kapag nagka-COVID 19, pasaway?’ Mocha Uson’s manager tests positive for COVID-19

In what can only be described as irony, Byron Cristobal, known online as Banat By, tests positive for COVID-19.

Mocha Uson’s manager Bryon Cristobal tested positive for COVID-19 on August 18, making his status public in a post on his page Banat By.

According to Cristobal, he got tested for COVID-19 on August 16 after “not feeling well since my birthday, August 6.”

“After 3 days (August 9), I was well. I thought everything is okay pero hindi pala.” He got the result of his RT-PCR test on August 17, the day after he got swabbed.

This update comes after months of him telling people to stay indoors and calling those who “insist” on going out as pasaway—especially those who attended protests yet still practiced social distancing. To date, not one person from rallies done has tested positive since the PISTON 6 incident.

He then steered his update towards health care workers, citing their bravery in facing the pandemic head-on. “SIla ang bida dito, hindi ako. Sila ang gusto kong bigyan ng pansin dito: ang kanilang sakripisyo at pagmamahal sa ating bayan.”

He ended his update by saying he will “dedicate my all, my channel, my vlog to our modern heroes (sic).”

I am POSITIVESince Aug 6, my birthday, i was not feeling well. I rested and took my usual medicine for my asthma….

Posted by Banat By on Monday, August 17, 2020

Cristobal has frequently gone after people and organizations who have criticized the government’s lackluster COVID-19 response. He has frequently used the “Filipinos are pasawaye3” narrative, using it to call out government critics like Sen. Risa Hontiveros in the process.

It’s rather ironic that the one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s fiercest defenders caught the virus as he himself hasn’t spend that much time outdoors. Does his case prove this statement from a virologist that COVID-19 spreads faster indoors than it does outdoors?

People on social media have shared their thoughts on the current condition of Banat By. Their reactions range from pointing out the irony of his situation…

… to calling it a dose of karma.

Comments on his post saying he has tested positive have also been flooded by people calling him out for being pasaway himself and suggesting he disinfect using gasoline—a suggestion from no less than the President.

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