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Party in Wuhan? Karen Davila reacts

The veteran broadcaster’s reaction says it all—along with a big “sana all” from everyone else.

Wuhan, believed to be ground zero for the global pandemic that is COVID-19, just hosted an electronic music festival in a waterpark—and not a single face mask or appropriate physical distance between partygoers was seen.

The festival happened over the weekend at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park after opening to the public in late June.

The party comes as Wuhan tries to reopen its economy three months after the city recorded its last case of COVID-19.

Karen Davila’s tweet sums up everyone’s thoughts quite well:

People’s reactions varied, but most of them agree with the veteran broadcast journalist:

There are also those who have taken the opportunity to once again call out the Duterte administration for not imposing a travel ban in late January:

Social media is still buzzing with reactions from people who see the party as a low blow. People have called out Wuhan’s residents as being insensitive, saying things along the lines of “how dare you hold a party while the rest of the world continues to suffer?”

Conspiracies have also resurfaced, with a few netizens saying this was all part of a plan. Whether that plan belongs to China or someone else is anyone’s guess.

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