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Jennylyn Mercado claps back at netizens accusing her of using a ghost writer for her posts

People have also challenged her to hold a live stream and answer all the netizens’ questions to prove the authenticity of her posts.

  • Actress Jennylyn Mercado has been asked if she has a ghostwriter posting all her sentiments against the current administration.
  • She asked if there was any qualifications regarding speaking up regarding things that matter. 

Jennylyn Mercado has continuously criticized the government for its lack of plans regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

She has endorsed and complimented a number of government officials before but she has made it clear that she does not stand with how President Rodrigo Duterte is handling the pandemic situation.

Netizens have started coming up with theories that the actress hired an English speaking ghostwriter to create her posts.

Some even challenged her to hold a live stream to prove that she’s the one typing all her social media posts and captions.

Her fans have also started to ask her to stop tweeting about political subjects as they are worried about her wellbeing.

She then answered back said that once someone hinders a Filipino from speaking their minds is when they also failed to respect their rights.

She then asked people if there are any qualifications for anyone to have the right to comment on matters affecting the country.

“Bakit kung kelan Pandemya na lahat tayo ay apektado saka ang iba ay pilit na pinatatahimik?” she wrote.

Jennylyn continues to speak up her mind regardless of accusations made against her.

Written by Jacks

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