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‘Droga pa rin?’ Celebrities, netizens react to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s repetitive statement on drugs amid pandemic

Netizens called out President Rodrigo Duterte’s repetitive sentiments regarding his drug war.

  • He challenged human rights advocates to help educate the public regarding illegal drugs instead of counting the deaths connected to it.
  • Others are disappointed that it is still his priority even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his national address on August 17, President Rodrigo Duterte has once again mentioned his war against drugs as he challenged human rights advocates to help educate the public against illegal drugs instead of just keeping tabs on drug-related killings.

He stated that advocates should just find a job in funeral parlors if they are so keen on counting deceased alleged drug pushers and users. He then added that the drug problem in the country doesn’t just end because of a life that has been lost as there are still many people suffering from drug addiction.

His speech disappointed many as they were hopeful that he would talk about the government’s next step regarding the COVID-19 pandemic relief.

“Napaka torpe naman ng human rights kapag hindi kayo nag-ano .. Ano ang ano ninyo magbilang na lang ng patay? E p**** i** e di maglipat kayo ng trabaho. Huwag sa human rights, punenarya kung yan lang ang trabaho ninyo. What about the social problem, the serious and grave problem of drug addiction in the country. What are you doing about it? At least meron kayong advocacy,” he said.

John Lapus questioned Duterte’s move to bring back the drug issue.

Netizens also questioned the relevancy of the topic of drugs when it comes to the pandemic and how his moves and sentiments seemed repetitive.

Others then stated that at this time, drugs are not the thing that destroys the nation, but the President himself.

“Your pandemic response and incompetence destroyed, destroys, still destroying, and will continue to destroy our spirit!”

The Philippines now has more than 175,000 COVID-19 cases with 114,114 recoveries and 2,883 deaths.

Written by J M

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