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‘We don’t stan an indoor Darna.’ Netizens slam Jane De Leon

De Leon: “Dadagdag pa ba tayo sa lumolobong bilang at patuloy na pagtaas ng COVID cases sa ating bansa?”

Kapamilya star Jane De Leon earned criticisms from netizens for refuting protests amidst the pandemic.

De Leon addressed why she remained quiet for some time amidst the ABS-CBN franchise denial.

“Each of us has a different approach on how to resolve and overcome these challenges,” she said.

She said that there are other ways to support the network.

“We can show our support in many ways. Let us not be judgmental and imposing on what others should do according to personal standards and beliefs,” she said.

The actress also sympathized with her co-workers who are bound to lose their jobs. Moreover, she explained the threat of COVID-19 to protesters who took on the streets to express their sentiments.

“However, let us not forget that in the bigger picture, we are still at risk because we all have an invisible enemy to deal with. Our health and that of our loved ones are at stake,” she explained.

“Let’s not forget that our Frontliners continue to face life and death situations as they ore being challenged in saving more lives. Dadagdag pa ba tayo sa lumolobong bilang at patuloy na pagtaas ng COVID cases sa ating bansa?” she added.

[Are we going to add up to the continuous rising of COVID cases here in our country?]

De Leon was supposed to play the role of ‘Darna’ which was formerly played by Angel Locsin.

Angel has been active in every crisis that the country faces, from relief operations to protests and noise barrages. That’s why people praise her for being a real-life ‘Darna’.

Thus, netizens can’t help but compare the two in terms of their roles as ‘Darna’.

De Leon’s statement was also assumed to invalidate the employees’ rage on the streets.

A netizen also said that there are protests because the government values their personal interests more than the pandemic.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization believes that public protests are vital amidst the pandemic. However, they advise protesters to do it ‘safely’.

Written by Neil

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