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Sara Duterte-Carpio calls supposed statement on federalism as fake news

She said that the article containing her supposed support for federalism and rants against her fathers’ bashers is false.

  • Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio addressed an article going around social media.
  • She even added that the article even initially misspelled her name.

Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio blasted those who used her name to spread false information on social media.

On March 3, she called out an online post bearing her name that supposedly has her views on federalism. The article also stated that she is blaming the local government units (LGU) for issues amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis in the Philippines.

In the statement released by Duterte-Carpio, she said that  “everything” in the article supposedly written by a “Mayor Inday Sarah Duterte” was fake and does not reflect her views on federalism.

“Everything about the said article was never mine—from the misspelled ‘Sarah’ to the glaring grammatical errors to the ridiculous syntax or to the whole idea of federalism,” she said.

In May last year, Duterte said that she opposes federalism, which is one of her father’s advocacies.

She added that those who wrote the article should be “ashamed of themselves for the horrible work they have done with the article and for manipulating and fooling the public.”

“The Duterte administration is facing a formidable enemy these days and President Rodrigo Duterte needs the support of the entire country to bring the enemy down, protect the public from infection, and prevent more deaths.”

The Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation are now in the process of tracking those who spread false information.

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